Skyhook NBA Power Rankings: Week 1

Nov 2, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden (13) reacts to a call in the second half against the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena. The Rockets won 109-102. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to The Skyook’s NBA Power Rankings, where any given week, things can change faster than a James Harden trade to Houston.

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Week 2 – November 5th, 2012

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com1. Miami Heat | 2-1 | Last week: 1

Despite a small slip to the Knicks, the Champs keep the top spot. Shoutout to Chris Bosh, who put up a 40-point effort against the Nuggets on a crazy 15-22 shooting night. This LeBron at PF thing is working so far.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com2. San Antonio Spurs | 3-0 | Last week: 5

Comeback road wins, buzzer beaters, home domination. It doesn’t matter, the Spurs are getting it done. Parker playing at an All-Star level once again and Tim Duncan is playing like it’s 2002 again and subsequently giving the cold shoulder to Father Time.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com3. Oklahoma City Thunder | 1-2 | Last week: 2

An up and down week for the Thunder. A buzzer beater loss, handled the Blazers, then lost to the Hawks (minus Josh Smith) at home? Durant playing MVP-ball, Kevin Martin has been great, but someone has to put a leash on Westbrook as he’s practically cost them both losses.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com4. Los Angeles Lakers | 1-3 | Last week: 3

Can’t drop the Lakers too far after a 1-3 start, especially after they showed what they could and should do against the Pistons. Dwight has been as good as advertised and Kobe is as efficient as ever. The Nash injury clearly hurts.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com5. Boston Celtics | 1-2 | Last week: 4

The Celtics got owned by the Bucks on their home court. They’ll get a shot at redemption on Saturday as they travel to Milwaukee. Rondo averaging 15.3 pts and 12.0 asts, but his FT% (50%) is lower than his FG% (56%).

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com6. Los Angeles Clippers | 2-1 | Last week: 7

Is it possible to lock up 6th Man award honors after 3 games into a season? Jamal Crawford is out of his mind right now (25.7 pts). Clips would sure like to have that Warriors game back. 114 points given up, really?

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com7. Indiana Pacers | 2-1 | Last week: 8

A last second shot to be the Raps, a loss to the Bobcats and had to grind it out in OT against the Kings. Not exactly a tough part of the schedule. A little shaky moving them up a spot, but I do have to give some love to Paul George and his incredible rebounding numbers.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com8. Denver Nuggets | 0-3 | Last week: 6

Rough week for the Nugs (although it was 3 games in 4 nights on the road). Having the Pistons visit for the home opener should ease the pain. Denver playing some very small ball so far. McGee getting only 17 minutes a game?

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com9. Memphis Grizzlies | 1-1 | Last week: 9

The Grizz bounced back in their second road game by handling the Warriors. When Zach Randolph isn’t hurting players (I know, he did apologize to B. Rush), in his spare time he’s averaging 15 points and 15 rebounds per game.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com10. Philadelphia 76ers | 1-1 | Last week: 10

This team is so hard to figure out without Bynum in there. Jrue Holiday is looking like he’s worth every penny of that extension. After getting blown out by the Knicks, will have a chance to redeem themselves at home on Monday.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com11. Brooklyn Nets | 1-0 | Last week: 11

Smallest of sample sizes for the new Nets, but they did deliver their first win in Brooklyn in their first attempt. Considering the circumstances, a pretty meaningful win for the city. Barclays Center is a gem too.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com12. New York Knicks | 2-0 | Last week: 14

Knicks lead the entire universe in three point shooting. Hard to believe this kind of volume will continue. Carmelo leading the league in scoring is not such a crazy idea. It will be interesting to see the dynamic when Amar’e is ready to come back.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com13. Dallas Mavericks | 2-1 | Last week: 13

Very impressive win in taking out the Lakers (with Nash) at home. They also blew out the Bobcats like they needed to. O.J. Mayo and Darren Collison look more comfortable with each game they play together in Big D.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com14. Chicago Bulls | 2-1 | Last week: 12

Joakim Noah and Luol Deng leading the way for the Bulls. Hopefully they can stay healthy while logging 38 minutes pre game each. You have to wonder if Tibs is considering inserting Nate Robinson into that starting lineup soon. He’s outplayed Hinrich.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com15. Golden State Warriors | 2-1 | Last week: 15

How about an unlikely hero? Carl Landry is leading the team in scoring with 20 points per game in only 26.3 minutes (all off the bench). Mark Jackson will have a challenge keeping Andrew Bogut happy for the time being, while his minutes are limited. He’s not pleased.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com16. Atlanta Hawks | 1-1 | Last week: 18

Lou Williams (20.0 pts, 4.5 asts) may have something to say about handing Jamal Crawford that 6th Man. Nice to see Al Horford back and playing well. Huge win for the Hawks in Oklahoma City on Sunday night, but let’s get real, Josh Smith needs to hurry back.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com17. Utah Jazz | 1-2 | Last week: 16

Who would have thought, but Mo Williams is leading the team in scoring (by a lot) at 22.0 points per game. Where is the Enes Kanter love? After a fantastic preseason, Corbin has him playing 15 minutes per game? Do we need to kick start the #FreeEnes movement again?

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com18. Milwaukee Bucks | 2-0 | Last week: 19

Brandon Jennings with a very well deserved East Player of the Week award with his career high 13 assists (twice) to beat the C’s at home and that dagger to beat the Cavaliers on Saturday night. Dunleavy, Harris and Sanders shooting 71%, 71% and 81% respectively. What?

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com19. Houston Rockets | 2-1 | Last week: 25

The obvious: JAMES HARDEN going bonkers (35.3 pts, 6.3 rebs, 6.3 asts). The less obvious: Rockets starters averaging 37.5 minutes (Chandler Parsons at 40 mins per). They’ll need some bench help eventually. Until then, they take a 6-spot jump.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com20. Toronto Raptors | 1-2 | Last week: 21

Kyle Lowry will be damned if he doesn’t make the All-Star team in the East this season with his LeBron-like numbers (23.7 pts, 7.3 rebs, 7.0 asts). Raps need wins though, just like Sunday against the Wolves. Bargnani needs to fix something… shooting 32.6% right now.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com21. Portland Trail Blazers | 2-1 | Last week: 22

The Blazers had impressive wins over the Lakers and the Rockets with their only loss being to the Thunder, so no shame in that. If people don’t believe the hype that Damian Lillard will challenge Anthony Davis for ROY honors, they’re crazy. Kid is legit, already.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com22. Minnesota Timberwolves | 1-1 | Last week: 17

To keep any playoff hope alive, the Wolves will have to continue to to hang in there until Love and Rubio return. Only a couple of games in, but Kirilenko looks great. Meanwhile, Brandon Roy does not look remotely like his former self. Love the way Pekovic plays and looks like a movie villain.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com23. New Orleans Hornets | 2-1 | Last week: 20

Surprising upset out of these Hornets in Chicago without Anthony Davis. The Davis concussion and Gordon injury drop them a few spots. After being given the reigns, Greivis Vasquez has taken control of this team. In 3 games he’s averaging 13.0 points, 9.7 assists and 4.7 rebounds.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com24. Cleveland Cavaliers | 1-2 | Last week: 24

Kyrie’s incredible, Waiters has been good and Varejao couldn’t be playing any better right now, but the bench has been weak. C.J. Miles couldn’t put one in the ocean right now, shooting under 30%. The Cavs need them some more Tyler Zeller and less Luke Walton

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com25. Washington Wizards | 0-2 | Last week: 23

It’s going to be another rough season in the Nation’s capital. At least this time, it could be entertaining to watch Jordan Crawford chuck up 15-20 shots per game. When he said way back that he’d be better than MJ, he’s certainly going for it.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com26. Phoenix Suns | 1-2 | Last week: 26

Can’t blame the Suns losses on starting frontcourt of Gortat and Scole, those guys are producing at a high level. The backcourt? That’s a mixed cast of characters. And like Mark Stein mentioned in his rankings, why hasn’t Casspi only played 7 minutes in 1 game so far?

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com27. Orlando Magic | 2-0 | Last week: 30

Wow, congrats to first year coach Jacque Vaughn and the Magic on their very unexpected 2-0 start. Let’s hope it’s not the only time they win back to back games all season. Big Baby looks to be enjoying the leading role and let’s be honest, the Turkoglu injury isn’t going to hurt them much at all.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com28. Charlotte Bobcats | 1-1 | Last week: 29

Have to bump the ‘Cats up with that opening night win and snapping the 23-game losing streak dating back to last season. Just like some predicted, Bryon Mullens, the starting center, averaging 7 threes attempted per game. If Kemba can sustain even 45%, he’ll be close to 20 per all season.

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com29. Detroit Pistons | 0-3 | Last week: 27

They were under Harden’s wrath in the opener and we knew the Lakers were going to come out mad against them on Sunday. But 0-3 is 0-3. What the hell happened to Rodney Stuckey? 1 for 23 shooting so far on the season is not even explainable .

Photo courtesy: Yahoo.com30. Sacramento Kings | 0-3 | Last week: 27

So much talent, so little structure to this roster. DeMarcus Cousins WILL make the All-Star team this season, that’s apparent. Keep in mind that the Kings did start the season with 3 road games as well against tough opponents. The opener against the Warriors will be ripe for the taking Monday.