NBA 2K12 Brainstorming: Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson

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“There haven’t been any details released about NBA 2K12 yet, but based on these covers that were just released, it looks like another winner that’ll make you freak out when you’re playing online. When you consider that 2K11 was awesome and it only had Jordan on the cover, then having three legends on this cover should make this one three times as good. Math.”

Via The Basketball Jones: Jordan, Bird, Magic cover NBA 2k12

When NBA 2k11 was originally released, it was well-received throughout the basketball and video game community. IGN called it the most polished sports game of all time in their review of the XBOX 360 version, and other reviewers were equally generous with positive feedback on the game. Fans flocked to buy the game as well, as the game had already become the fastest selling edition in franchise history, with 4 million copies sold by February, about 5 months after the game’s release. In almost every aspect, the game should be viewed as a success for 2K sports.

Of course, the game also had flaws (as do most games). For instance, Dirk Nowitzki was given an 85 rating and an incredibly slow developing release, making him very difficult to use initially. In comparison to Dirk, Josh Smith boasted an 86 rating. Yeah, I think the developers might have missed the mark in that aspect. Other problems that I have often noticed in my vast time spent playing the game include the passing format (bounce pass or lob pass, anyone?) and issues with the online server. However, NBA 2k11 was still an extremely entertaining game with a set of varying and engage game modes, and the franchise only stands to improve on 2k11’s mark with the release of 2k12 on October 4th of this year.

With Bird, Magic, and Jordan now known to be featured on the cover of NBA 2k12 and very few new aspects of the game released to the public, I decided to come up with some of my own suggestions of new features for the game.

Amazing Ideas For NBA 2K12 Gameplay That Would Probably Never Work

  1. One-on-one-on-one. For centuries, people have yearned to perfect the art of playing basketball with more than two teams. “It’ll be so crazy, y’all!” said the Mesopotamians. Sadly, humans have always failed. And that’s why we have video games. This is our chance to finally have Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson play against each other at the same time. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me, it won’t work. (Note: I mean this literally. I don’t mean it in the same sense as the game “21”, which is offered in NBA 2k11.)
  2. BRO FACE-OFF. This would finally be a chance to pit a team entirely built of NBA players that have a brother (who also plays in the NBA) against each other. Unfortunately, there are no NBA brothers that play guard (that I’m aware of), so Joey or Stephen Graham might have to play point guard. That might not go so well. I imagine a game that pits a team of Stephen Graham (the slightly worse Graham bro)-Markieff Morris-Blake Griffin-Robin Lopez-Jarron Collins (the slightly worse Collins bro) against Joey Graham-Marcus Morris-Taylor Griffin-Brook Lopez-Jason Collins. That seems relatively fair, for a hypothetical game.
  3. Lockout Talk, with Jeff Foster and Landry Fields. Being the stalwart veteran that he is, I assume Jeff Foster has some great “in my day” NBA stories, and he and Fields could have a nice young man-old man dynamic. Obviously, this will have to be an un-lockable feature.


In the middle of a painful lockout, we might as well dream big. And nothing says “Dream big!” quite like a Jeff Foster-hosted talk show.


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