2011 NBA Playoffs: The STS Staff’s First Round Predictions

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2011 edition of the NBA Playoffs is finally here, as we’ve got four great games on tap for today.

And with the first round about ready to get underway, we’ve gathered our STS staff together for some predictions.

Anyone think one of the top teams are in trouble? Well let’s find out:


#1 Bulls vs. #8 Pacers Continue Reading


Here’s a Cool New NBA Playoff App

NBA fans, with the playoff season just days away, we want to let you know about a cool new app on iTunes that’s been created just in time for the playoffs.

Oh, and one of the co-creators just happens to be Saving the Skyhook’s very own, Dan Jepperson!

Dan and his friend Jason have created the “2011 Playoff Primer” app for those of you out there who want to brush up on your player profiles and learn a little more about a specific team. And even if you’re a hardcore fan, chances are, you’ll find something informative here that you can use against your buddies as well.

Here’s some specific info on the app: Continue Reading


2011 NBA Playoff Schedule is Set

The NBA regular season has officially come to an end, and we’re set for some great playoff basketball. All the action gets underway this weekend, with the Bulls and Pacers getting things started in Chicago.

Here’s a look at the first round dates and game times:


#1 Chicago vs. #8 Indiana

Game 1 (CHI) – April 16, 1 PM ET, ESPN
Game 2 (CHI) – April 18, 9:30 PM ET, TNT
Game 3 (IND) – April 21, 7 PM ET, NBA TV
Game 4 (IND) – April 23, 2:30 PM ET, TNT
Game 5 (CHI) – April 26, TBD (if necessary)
Game 6 (IND) – April 28, TBD (if necessary)
Game 7 (CHI) – April 30, TBD (if necessary) Continue Reading


10 Things To Watch For In The 2011 NBA Playoffs

The 2011 are right around the corner, and are sure to be the most competitive NBA Playoffs we’ve seen in years.  While the 2nd round and beyond, are the rounds everyone’s anticipating, there are a few things we need to be on the look-out for.  Here are 10 of them…

1st Round Upsets

1.  The New York Knicks vs. The Boston Celtics

How can this happen, you ask?  Simply put, Youth and Hunger.  The Knicks are considerably younger, and faster than their Boston Counterparts.  The running style that they live by, is the exact opposite type of game that the C’s want to get in to.  Yes the Knicks have had their struggles versus the Celtics this season, but have also had their moments.  When their backs were against the wall, their closer showed up. Carmelo Anthony put the team on his back on multiple occasions, and performed like the star that he is.  These are the leadership qualities that I spoke of before, that are there, just inconsistent.  If Melo can maintain that drive, and killer instinct throughout the series; The Celtics are in Trouble.  Now the likelihood of an upset isn’t in the Knicks’ favor.  However, the Celtics haven’t been the same team since the Perkins trade, and are injured across the board.  The funny thing about this series is that the Knicks lack that “Inside Toughness,” but then again, so do the Celtics.  Yes of course KG is still the backbone of the team, but then what?  You have an old and injured Shaq, who’s paired with another old and injured Jermaine O’neal.  Either way, the Knicks will make a series vs. ANYONE they play this year; you can put money on that! Continue Reading


Season Recap: Why Predictions are Stupid, and Other Stories Part Two

To recap my last recap, I discussed the highs and lows of the Miami Heat season, and why you shouldn’t count your eggs before they hatch, regarding the MVP debate. That leaves me with the Lakers, the Spurs, and the Carmelo Anthony trade saga.

Do you remember your preseason picks? I’m sure plenty of people had the Lakers to, once again, come out of the West with the best record. Most commentators and bloggers had the Lakers to have the top seed in the Western Conference. They were just the safe pick. The Lakers roster arguably got better, with the additions of Matt Barnes, Steve Blake, and Theo Ratliff for extra depth. They didn’t lose any significant pieces, so they were early favorites to do what they have done so many times; win the West. Continue Reading


Season Recap: Why Predictions are Stupid, and Other Stories

Well folks, as the regular season winds down, I think that now is an appropriate time to look back on the season that was. Actually it’s more like the season that “is,” since the regular season hasn’t actually finished yet. I’m just really tired of regular season basketball right now. If you follow me on Twitter, you could tell that baseball has swallowed my attention, and that basketball, for now, has taken a backseat. Sure, playoffs are starting soon, like REALLY soon, but I couldn’t resist doing a recap now. I’m just way too restless.

Alright, so since none of you want to listen to me ramble on about baseball, I’ll start off by picking five stories at the start of the season, that didn’t quite pan out. Obviously I need to talk about the Miami Heat. No one has done that enough. And of course, I need to talk about Kevin Durant, since people were calling him MVP before the season started. I can’t NOT talk about the Lakers, they had a season that was unlike anyone could expect. The Spurs deserve some attention as well. And no recap list would be complete without Carmelo/Knicks/Nuggets on it. Continue Reading