Stay Calm: We Read too Much into the Regular Season

After Miami’s recent woes, and subsequent winning streak, I have come to the conclusion that the regular season does not matter much at all. Think about it. One minute we are all wondering whether or not the Heat should panic (remember in this article I said they SHOULDN’T) , then the next, we’re praising them for getting revenge on the Spurs, in a blowout. This has happened before. Remember earlier this year when the Lakers were struggling? Same story. They picked things up, and are, once again, favored to make the NBA Finals.

The media has a way of spinning things out of control. Let’s face it, every team goes on winning streaks and losing streaks, and every team has ups and downs throughout the regular season. There are a million websites and newspapers that have standings in them, yet we don’t pay attention. If we did we would notice that every team goes on streaks. The media has sensationalized the Heat, and perhaps it is the team’s fault as well, but looking back at their losing streak from a week or so ago,  you will see that they lost to some very good teams. During their five game losing streak, the Heat lost to the Bulls, Blazers, Knicks, Magic and Spurs. All five are playoff teams. All are good playoff teams too, yet we jumped on the Heat. And maybe crying after the losses didn’t help, but they didn’t deserve the scrutiny they received from the media.

So while the Heat lost to five good teams, the  Boston Celtics are currently in the midst of a rough stretch of their own. In their last four games, they have lost to the Nets, Clippers, and 76ers. Now, the Sixers are a good team, but the Nets and Clippers aren’t exactly a murderers row. But no one is talking about this! And you know what? Nobody SHOULD be talking about this, because it doesn’t matter! Every team goes through rough patches, the Celtics are no different. But it is interesting that when the Heat lose to five very good teams, everyone and their mother freaks out about it, but when the Celtics drop a couple of games to mediocre teams (and these teams would take mediocre as a compliment), no one talks about it.

In the end, the playoffs are where everything is decided. With that said, it’s not like the regular season is a complete waste of time. Of course the regular season is entertaining, and seeding among the top teams is decided, and sometimes, teams that we never saw coming, make the playoffs. But we read way too much into it sometimes. I’ve mentioned the Heat and Celtics, but they are just an example. Anyone who follows the NBA closely, knows that every team faces struggles similar to either team. The season is long. A lot can happen during an eighty two game season.

Once playoffs roll around, we can get serious. If the Heat drop the first two games in their first round series, THEN we can say they are struggling. Then we can ask “what is wrong with the Heat?” But really, should we be asking “what is wrong,” when the Heat have already clinched a playoff spot, and are 25 games over .500? How could there be anything wrong with a team this good?

So please people, don’t read so much into everything that is written on the “big name” websites about the struggles of certain teams. Don’t count any team out, until the playoffs. Just don’t, because when the time comes, and the team that you counted out beats your favorite team in the playoffs, you’re going to be sorry.

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Matt Moore

Matt Moore is a Senior NBA Blogger for's Eye on Basketball blog, weekend editor of Pro Basketball Talk on, and co-editor of Voice on the Floor. He lives in Kansas City due to an unbelievably complex set of circumstances and enjoys mid-90's pop rock, long walks on the beach and the novels of Tim Sandlin.