They’re Still Professionals

It is a common topic of conversation in sports: Would the best college team be able to beat the worst professional team? Obviously all common sense says the answer is no, but it’s 2010: who is listening to their common sense these days anyhow?

So I decided to sit down and create a fictional scenario between what is likely going to be one of the most historically bad NBA teams and one of the most highly regarded semi-professional NCAA teams.

Kidding aside, the 2010 Kentucky Wildcats are loaded with talent and have torn through some of their competition (South Carolina aside, obvs) looking as though they are on a completely different level. So here are the premises of my statistical simulation:

1.) The two teams square off in a 40 minute pick-up game. Each team plays 6 players equally (33.3 minutes per player)

2.) The statistics used for the Nets will not be their professional statistics, but instead the statistics of each player the last year they spent in college.*

3.) The Kentucky Wildcats will be using their averages thusfar in the 2009-2010 season.

via Kentucky Wildcats vs New Jersey Nets: A Statistical Simulation > Buster Sports.

Chip Patterson with an awesome breakdown of what the Nets v. Wildcats would look like. And if you’d prefer, you can go ahead and sub in Kansas into this little formula and watch as the lead balloons to 400. Why? Because Brady freaking Morningstar is considered a crucial component to kU. Chris Quinn even thinks that dude’s got no business being on the floor of a competitive basketball game.

It’s great for a college site to have a rational view of the gap between college and pro. There’s a burgeoning movement of awareness in people that the NBA is just that far ahead of college. This doesn’t mean that college isn’t worth watching, but you look at the Celtics and Magic, and the level they played at last night, in what was overall a pretty sloppy game! There’s not a basketball team in the college landscape that could keep an interested NBA team within 50 points of them.

The Nets are wretched, but people forget how many of their games have been close, how many bad breaks they’ve gotten, and that this season could have been different. They’re not one of the worst teams in history. They’re just not. And their futures are much brighter than some teams I could mention.

Matt Moore

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