The Value Of An Old Guy. A Really Awesome Old Guy.

I would be willing to bet that if you shopped Allen around the league, you’d find that the value you could get for him right now is not even in the ballpark of Ray’s current value to the team. He may have lost a couple steps and he can’t take over games like he once could. But when he’s on, he’s still the best shooter in the game. He is ice-in-the-veins-clutch. How many times have we seen him hit a game winning shot in both the regular season and playoffs? That’s the kind of guy you want on your side. He’s a constant threat that has to be accounted for, which allows Pierce, KG, Rondo, and others that much more space on the floor to do their thing. There’s just not going to be a player available on the market right now that can do any of that.

via It’s Not Time To Trade Ray Allen, …Yet – CelticsBlog.

If you want to know how stressed Celtics fans are with this slump (you know, where they’re still winning, just not against good teams and not impressively), look no further than Jeff Clark trotting out the ifs and conditions about trading Ray Allen.

What I thought was interesting was the first line.  It’s true. Outside of maybe Cleveland, there’s not another team in the league that would look at Allen as the right step. No team is just on the verge of greatness and just  needs a shooter whose sole ability offensively lies in coming off screens beautifully and the most meticulous jumpshot in the business. Boston needs that. Desperately. To other teams, Allen would be Michael Redd. Still a deadly shooter, but unable to produce in the areas that they really need to open up the floor. Plus, he would be plunged into an endless depression if sent back to irrelevance.

Clark does make the case that if the C’s are still slumping by the end of the holiday season, that it may be time to “open up shop.” It’s crazy to think about, isn’t it? Ray Allen NOT retiring a Celtic? What’s even crazier is just HOW crazy that is to think about, considering he’s only been a Celtic for three years at the end of the season. And yet that’s what I think he’ll be remember for. Well, that and the whole Jesus thing.

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