Take Your Pick Of Malcontents

The Knicks truly make my head hurt. So they would rather move the valuable expiring contracts plus a good young player like Wilson Chandler for a guy who has clear locker room/management issues, who may never really play at a high level ever again, who will also take lots of minutes from the young players they allegedly want to develop, and who no matter what will be looking for huge money next summer? When instead they could have signed A.I. for next to nothing, sold a bunch of tickets and jerseys, and held on to all of those expiring deals and trade chips?

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My first thought is that Walsh and D’Antoni know they’re not landing LeBron. The jig is up, as they say. LeBron ain’t coming to MSG with Gallinari as the only positive on the squad. Trading for T-Mac gets them a guy who could conceivably produce a few more wins to get them through while they regroup and try and figure out something else.  His contract’s expiring, so you’re not losing anything there. The locker room issues? Who cares? You think this is a high quality group of guys right now? You think there’s much leadership? Chandler actually handcuffs them with the amount of SG and wing talent they have. So does T-Mac, but he’s a more clear upgrade than Chandler.

Meanwhile, signing AI means bringing in a player who’s not good enough to start that you have to. Bringing in T-Mac is bringing in a player you have to start who’s good enough to. Cash in on Eddy, bring in some more points, try and salvage some dignity of this season. I don’t love the idea, I don’t hate it. I nothing it.

Matt Moore

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