Will Someone Please Get Andrea Bargnani A Copy of Brewster’s Millions?

HP’s favorite Raptor, Andrea Bargnani is featured in the Times today talking about his oodles and oodles of dough.

Besides the fact that this makes him even more lovable than he already was, what with that pull-up leaner and killer range, this does present itself with a vital mission for some Raptors fan.

Get this man a copy of Brewster’s Millions!

Come on, Andrea! You’re stocking away cash for the future kids’ college funds and you’ve bought your folks a house. Now, go out and buy 80 cases of premium wine and then open it! Mail the stamp! Run for mayor of Toronto (does Toronto have a mayor? If not, that’s even more awesome!). If you need further ideas for how to spend your money, give me a buzz at hardwoodparoxysm at gmail dot com or hit me up at @HPBasketball on Twitter! I have all sorts of great ideas!

Check out Moneybags.

Matt Moore

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