I’ve been waiting for so long, and the day is finally here.  IT’S TIME TO ROCK MARDI GRAS STARBURY STYLE, Y’ALL.

Maybe Donnie Walsh watched “Me and Stephon” and found a soft spot in his heart for the guy, or maybe Marbury himself gave up a nice chunk of change in order to reach a buyout.  Either way, the dark cloud hanging above the association’s head has gone lickety split: Stephon Marbury will be playing NBA basketball this season, and the favorite for his services are none other than the Boston Celtics.  Delicious!

The Celtics are among the few teams with a strong enough culture and veteran presence to fully accommodate Marbury’s…specific needs.  He can be a weapon if you can control him, and Kevin Garnett might be just the guy to do it.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Marbury in the long-term, though.  Supposing he latches on with the Celtics and does a respectable job, what kind of contract would he deserve this summer?  The midlevel?  Less?  Every dollar that some EuroLeague owner has?  It’s a situation that’s entirely dependent on random, chaotic circumstances, and I’m not putting my money down on any particular outcome.  Matt called Rafer Alston a ‘wild card’ for the Magic, and to an extent he is, but is there a bigger question mark in this league than Stephon Marbury?  He could potentially score 20 points off the bench for you in a big game, or he could mire your team in an unvanquishable funk with his bizarre sense of self-righteousness.  Starbury’s been a one-man show in his own theater for a long time, but the intermission is over and it’s just getting to the good part.

Let’s focus on the here and now, shall we?  Until pen touches paper, I’m worried.  As a Mavs fan myself, a team with an owner who won’t hesitate to bust out his wallet and make a ballsy move if he deems it in the team’s best interest, I’m sweating just a tad.  The headlines and the stories read “Boston, Boston, Boston,” but I’ve recently seen a team actually willingly acquire Larry Hughes, a trade be untraded, Mikki Moore be described as a savior, and John Salmons and “blockbuster” in the same sentence.  Consider my horizons broadened and ready to accept any possibility.

So I, Rob Mahoney, formally extend the following invitation:

These are hard times for fans of any team but the Lakers or Cavs.  We have our own team worries to concern ourselves with, and wondering if Hot Potato Marbury is going to explode in our locker room isn’t something we should have to deal with.  It’s not that I wish ill will on Marbury.  I thought he deserved to be freed from New York, and the whole situation with him and the Knicks was a bit amateur hour.  I want him to join a team for the stretch run…just not my team.  Marbury’s getting plenty of mulah from the Knicks, meaning it’s possible that he could join up with any playoff squad for the minimum salary, even if they are over the cap.  So join me, bloggers, readers, and NBA fans of all kinds, in channeling our collective hopes towards the protection of our favorite teams!

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