February 6, 2023

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Milan would raise the offer to 24.5 million between the loan and the payment

four cities and Three players. The market intrigue at the end of January concerning Rome is played out on a razor’s edge between joints and an hourglass that has less and less grain, writes Francesco Balzani in I read. The name that controls the dominoes is Niccolo Zaniolo for which Milan would have raised the bid 24.5 million between the loan and the redemption, however, subject to certain conditions Terms not yet determined. approach, even if it is not yet decisive. Meanwhile, Rome received a double yes Which makes fans dream of the time before the Rossoneri were second and now just one point away. Chelsea, in fact, would rather give up Zyach In Italy. And the Moroccan himself was going to give His full readiness for Mourinho Who would also like to bring his compatriot to the capital for the summer Amrabat. The salary issue can be overcome in two ways: with the help of a growth decree given it will be a matter of outright buy and with a spread of 6.5m per annum on a four year contract of about 5 per season. Process encryption is also established: About 25-28 million. The same things that gypsies expect to receive Zaniolo who meanwhile told Milan he was accepting a contract worth 2.8 million per season. Much less than those who ordered replenishment from Trigoria.

Ziyech’s only competitor is Everton. The Moroccan is more attracted to Roma, which puts cup sharing on the table (even better if it’s the Champions League) and Mo’s presence. One of the reasons that prompted Ibrahim to adopt the Rome project a year and a half ago. Chelsea have reported that they do not want to exercise their $80m buy-back right for the England player, who is hoping to score in Napoli on Sunday following goals in Torino and Milan. In the meantime, pack your bags Come Who moves to Bournemouth on a one million loan with the right to buy, set at 14. Roma can now return to the full-back market with Odriozola Ready to move into dry loan.

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