Youtube Secret | Everyone is wondering why this new feature

Youtube Secret |  Everyone is wondering why this new feature

With the arrival of Google’s Material You app, many of the company’s apps have begun to pay more attention to their tools, in particular an update related to the Youtube app is coming.

If you can’t wait to try New widgets for the main YouTube interface For Android, it looks like you’ll be able to do this soon.

The new face on youtube android (inter)

Earlier this month, Google showed off new updates for Google Photos, Android, and Wear OS, specifically showing i New widgets for the YouTube home screen, featuring the Material You style for Android. As mentioned earlier, it looks like the tool will be rolling out to users, so you can start customizing your home interface and using the YouTube quick access buttons.

We’ve known since last month that YouTube has some new tools being tested Specifically intended for the initial screen, designed to give access to some of the essential content of the application through convenient and quick shortcuts. If you are one of those hoping for a new way to watch videos through the home screen, know that you will still need Picture-in-Picture to do so.

The secret behind the widgets

But what are these tools and what are they for? Widgets are nothing but GUI elements, and include everything related to user interaction with applications and programs: such as buttons, pop-ups, selection, and dialog windows.

New shortcuts for Youtube search bar.

As for the functions of the two new dividers, we know that one relates exclusively to the search bar, while the other is designed to introduce new shortcuts to make it faster to use.

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YouTube is changing, but only for Android

Button bar quick actions offer shortcuts to your shorts, channels you’re subscribed to, and of course, your library and homepage. Also The search area has been slightly changed Compared to the latest version, the microphone button has been eliminated, thus removing the voice search option.

It seems that these widget updates are Available for different Android versions: for 17.48.40 and 17.46.37 and also on Pixel phones. In any case, in most cases it is sufficient to download the update of the latest version of the application to take advantage of these new functions.

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