Tensions between China and the United States, Beijing: “Illegal expulsion of a warship in the China Sea”. United States: «Regular exercise»

Tensions between China and the United States, Beijing: “Illegal expulsion of a warship in the China Sea”.  United States: «Regular exercise»

The Chinese army accuses the United States of smuggling a US warship into the waters of the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea. Southern Command spokesman Col. Tian Junli said the PLA had monitored and warned a missile destroyer. But the The US Navy rejects the claim, while China maintains that the guided missile destroyer USS Milius stormed Chinese territorial waters near the disputed Helen Davidson Paracel Islands in Taipei.

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In short, a new military and diplomatic issue has been opened between Beijing and Washington. The Chinese military’s statement goes back to yesterday and declares that the illegal entry of the destroyer without government approval undermines peace and stability in that crowded part of the sea. But from the United States, they reject objections: «All this is wrong – warns the Seventh Fleet of the US Navy -. USS Milius conducts routine operations in the South China Sea and has not come out. The United States will continue to fly, sail, and operate wherever international law allows.”

The Paracels Islands are a disputed archipelago that extends over an area of ​​7 square kilometers in the South China Sea. China has de facto control over the islands and has built facilities and outposts, but Taiwan and Vietnam also claim ownership.

Such events are not new between the two superpowers, they have happened in the past, including in July last year, when the Chinese army once again said that it had “expelled” an American destroyer from the region. US Indo-Pacific Command also claimed at the time that it was a “bogus” and that the ship was carrying out an intentional operation in line with international law. Restrictions imposed by various parties including China, Taiwan and Vietnam on “legal passage” in the disputed area have been challenged, and China has been accused of not complying with the agreements.

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«The United States supports freedom of navigation for all nations as a principle – were the statements made at the time -. As long as some nations continue to claim and impose restrictions on rights that are beyond their authority under international law, the United States will continue to defend the freedom of the sea that must be guaranteed to all.”

However, posts on Indo-Pacific Command social media accounts confirm US naval exercises in the East Asian region, including the East China Sea, Philippine Sea and South China Sea in recent days. The United States has strengthened its alliances in the Asia-Pacific region by trying to confront China’s insistence in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, while Beijing is trying to present its claims and claims there.

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