Xbox Game Pass: When will the upcoming April 2023 end of games be announced?

Xbox Game Pass: When will the upcoming April 2023 end of games be announced?

We are getting closeAnnouncement of upcoming matches Comes in a catalog Xbox Game Passwith the sending of stock End of April and beginning of May 2023 Which is scheduled to be announced tomorrow, Tuesday, April 18, 2023.

With Microsoft, there is no absolute certainty about the timing of announcements on their subscription service, since the plan is often changed willingly from month to month, but historically the announcement is done on alternating Tuesdays and this week seems to be idealized even by comparison. With already known versions.

Moreover, it presents itself as a particularly rich set of games, even taking into account only the already known ones. Among these we find the following:

  • Coffee Conversation 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly – April 20th
  • Homestead Arcana – April 21st
  • Monsters Audiobooks – 26 Apr
  • Latest issue of Benedict Fox – April 27th
  • Redfall – May 2
  • Ravenlock – May 4th

It is a partial list of what has already been announced, but it is not surprising that it will be added pending the official announcement. Two of those fall in early May, but as per standard business process, they will likely be announced along with the next wave of games, as early as this week. In any case, we find some titles of great interest such as The Last Case of Benedict Fox and of course Redfall, which continues the 2023 Xbox exclusive series after Hi-Fi Rush and is supposed to open the year of great Xbox Game Studios games.

In the meantime, we also remind you of the games at the beginning of the month for subscribers and those removed in April 2023.

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