Why has this serum become the most requested this Christmas?

Why has this serum become the most requested this Christmas?

We have already left Christmas Eve behind and many Catalans have received their Christmas gifts. We were able to see classic pajamas and socks, although the most requested gift this year was the anti-wrinkle serum from the brand Sibari Republic. And this product, although originally priced at 115 euros, can now be found for only 57 euros until January 5 at the brand's pop-up store at Carrer Pelai, 34, in Barcelona.

But why has it become the most sought-after product? One of the main reasons why this serum is so popular is that it is an anti-wrinkle hyaluronic acid that plumps up wrinkles and expression lines and hydrates the skin with visible results in as little as four weeks. In addition, thanks to its gel texture, it is absorbed quickly and deeply, which makes it attractive for both women and men of different ages, as it leaves the skin perfectly moisturized without a greasy feeling. It contains no perfumes or dyes and has been tested on the most sensitive skin, which is a big plus.

Sipari Republic is a high-end cosmetics brand born from a collaboration of scientists. Its scientific DNA makes this brand have very specific values ​​that set it apart from other products on the market. “The brand was born with a very clear mission: to offer cosmetic products that do what they say and are based on scientific evidence,” explains Raul Pérez, one of the brand's founders and scientific director. The fact is that all products of this brand have clinical studies that support their effectiveness. In the case of Serum Origin, it has been shown that after 28 days of use, the number of wrinkles decreases by up to 58%. But it's not just the tests that support the results, as this product has more than 500 positive reviews on its website written by customers who have already tried it.

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One of the keys to the effectiveness of this product is its exclusive formula that contains very few ingredients, but is very concentrated. “We use high-quality hyaluronic acid and combine two different molecular weights to penetrate different depths of the skin. The lighter weight penetrates deeply to fill wrinkles, while the higher weight intensely hydrates the skin,” explains Perez.

The production process is one of the distinctive points of this brand, as all products are manufactured in its own laboratories and supervised by its scientific team. Sibari Republic has developed an exclusive manufacturing method called the Slow Manufacturing Process that makes their products unique. As the name suggests, it is a slow manufacturing process that helps maintain the properties of the assets and achieve maximum effectiveness. “The production process is as important as the formula. There are many active ingredients that lose their properties during cosmetic production processes. We have developed this method that ensures this does not happen.”

All these reasons make thousands of people come every day to the ephemeral shops owned by the Republic of Sibari all over the peninsula. In the case of Catalonia, the company has two temporary stores: one in Barcelona at Carrer Belai, 34, and the other in Tarragona, in the Parc Central shopping center. Additionally, Sibari Republic is committed to offering a luxury product at an affordable price, which is why it is offering its main line at up to 50% off, until January 5 only. The shops will be open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm.

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