Why does the Treasury ask them to wait to file their income tax return?

Notice to retirees who made contributions to work cooperatives between 1967 and 1978. They should Review the draft income statement carefully Because there must be a reduction in its taxable base. The reason is that They were taxed more than they were owed It has been recognized by two Supreme Court rulings.

By decision of the highest judicial authority, pensioners who paid their money into a joint fund, especially in the banking sector, may They are entitled to refunds As long as the previous tax share, for example, last year's share, was positive, i.e. payable.

The Technicians Syndicate of the Ministry of Finance (GISTA) indicates that if the concept of “DT2 LIRPF settlement” appears in the 2023 income tax statements, The discount will be applied automatically In the statement.

Wait two weeks or fill out the form

If not, the tax agency recommends doing so Wait about two weeks Until the data is merged.

But the Technicians Union says that if you do not want to wait, it is enough to fill out the application form that the tax authority has enabled for correction. The claim will be for the period 2019-2023.

So far, the Treasury admits it has received 250,000 forms across Spain. According to GISTA's calculations, the number of joint retirees who are entitled to include this reduction in the taxable base may end up assuming It is a much higher number this is

The case is based on two Supreme Court decisions. In one of them, a pensioner from the banking sector who claimed that part of his pension linked to the contributions he made between 1969 and 1979 to Mutualitat Laboral de Banca, should not be subject to tax in declarations of income

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Excluding retirees from the rule

Disposition of the treasury, in any case, The reduction leaves four types of pensions: Public servants who were part of the negative class system, those obtained through contributions to self-employed cooperatives, those of widows and those not based on contributions.

The IRS, in any case, enabled Frequently asked questions section It is about all these arguments that may end up clarifying any doubts for pensioner taxpayers.

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