Why Do Schools & Offices Block Websites (and You Should too!)

The Internet is deemed a powerful tool by billions of users across the globe because of multiple reasons. According to Computer Hope, the Internet offers numerous advantages. For starters, it opens up a world of possibilities that otherwise would have remained unexplored. The ability to work from anywhere, shop products with the click of mouse buttons, and consume virtual content are some of the few examples of activities that are made possible because of the Internet. Besides this, the Internet is a platform that promotes connectivity, communication and sharing. To sum up, the Interest is one of mankind’s most significant creations.

However, even though the Internet offers access to a never-ending supply of knowledge, entertainment and possibilities, it can also harm users in more ways than one, especially for school children and office employees. This article will cover the reasons why the majority of schools and offices across the globe block specific websites, how users can block websites without hassle, and why every other user should consider doing the same. Let us begin:

Why Schools and Offices Opt to Ban Certain Websites:

Numerous schools and workplaces across the globe block certain websites for numerous reasons. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • Learning and working require immense focus, and numerous online platforms, such as social media sites, hinder an individual’s focus. Hence, the management bodies of schools and offices often restrict access to such websites to ensure that the productivity of students and employees does not falter while studying or working.
  • The presence of malware on websites has become a common thing nowadays. Malicious files are planted in different sections of websites to clickbait users into downloading them. Once the file enters the user’s system, they cause tons of internal damage. Hence, many schools and offices ban certain websites from their WiFi network to ensure their institution’s devices stay safe and secure from mishaps.
  • Some websites contain explicit content that is unsuitable for people of any age. When it comes to school kids, such websites have a negative impact on them. Similarly, navigating to such websites is not only unprofessional for companies’ employees but may also prove harmful for them.
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How to Block Websites:

All major web browsers offer users the functionality to block websites. Here is how you can block websites in two of the most popular web browsers:

Google Chrome – If you are a Google Chrome user and are wondering how to block website on Chrome, there are numerous ways following which you can do so. For starters, you can use a third-party application like Focus. The powerful utility facilitates users to block websites on Chrome and Safari. Besides this, you can also download and use an extension that offers website-blocking capabilities.

Mozilla Firefox – Similar to Google Chrome, Firefox users can block any website on their PC or Mac using Mozilla’s official add-ons. All the user needs to do is open the browser, navigate to Mozilla’s official website, type “Block Site” in the search bar, and download the first tool that appears in the search results. Using the downloaded add-on, users can conveniently block any website they want.  

Why You Should Consider Blocking Websites:

There are numerous reasons why every user, including you, should consider blocking or restricting access to specific websites. Here are some of them:

  • To Enhance Productivity

One of the most significant benefits of blocking websites is that it facilitates users to work with utmost focus and dedication. Numerous websites distract users and prevent them from working consistently and finishing the tasks at hand. Hence, if you wish to enhance your productivity, blocking distracting websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., can significantly benefit you.

  • To Ensure Security
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Different types of malware, such as adware, spyware, viruses, etc., often hide in plain sight on certain websites. Hence, if you know of such websites, it would be best if you block them on your Mac or PC’s web browser. Doing so will prevent the website’s malicious files from accessing your computer’s local system and keep it safe from experiencing any data loss or corruption.

  • To Limit Screen Time

The Internet is full of wonderful websites and platforms, and thus, it is pretty easy to lose track of time while navigating through them. Since having too much screen time is deemed harmful, one of the best ways to tackle the issue is to block websites that enhance your screen time beyond normal limits. Blocking websites and unblocking them only when necessary will not only lessen your screen time but also allow you to be more mindful about your Internet usage.

Similar to other tools, the Internet also has two sides. On the one hand, it is immensely useful, whereas, on the other, it can be extremely harmful if not used sensibly. One of the most efficient ways to tackle the issue is to block websites that present issues. If you wish to know how to block websites, refer to the abovementioned ways.


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