Whatsapp, the new function of anonymous chats and numbers is revolutionizing everything

Whatsapp, the new function of anonymous chats and numbers is revolutionizing everything

WhatsApp’s new feature lets you do exactly that with unknown numbers: a truly revolutionary feature.

From year to year, The number of users using WhatsApp is increasing more and more, an application that now seems impossible to do without; In fact, since its launch, the green phone icon app has revolutionized the way we communicate on a daily basis, effectively making instant messaging history.

Function of sending messages to unknown numbers Cellulari.it

To date, WhatsApp is used not only for communication between individuals (with friends, relatives, lovers, etc.) but also by public and private services; A way for businesses and services to be increasingly closer to customers and citizens and provide the best possible service. Given the staggering numbers around the world and the use now in every field, WhatsApp must constantly update itself and try to develop in parallel with the needs of its users. Now comes a new feature regarding Messages sent to numbers that we do not have in our address book, A truly revolutionary method.

WhatsApp, the “secret” function that allows you to send a message even to a contact not saved in your address book: it’s really easy

As we know, WhatsApp is synchronized with our contacts, therefore, if the account on the instant messaging application is also connected to a number saved in our address book, we will be able to find it directly in the contacts available within the appropriate section of the application.

In this way you can also send a message to a contact that is not in the Cellulari.it address book

But for those who don’t know, There is also a way to send messages to a number that we have not saved in the address book. To do this, simply use your phone’s browser by typing the string https://wa.me/ into the appropriate web address bar, followed by the international prefix and the number of the person you want to call. At this point, just hit “Send,” then click “Continue” and go straight to the chat.

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This way too By not adding the number among our contacts, We will have the opportunity to start chatting. Certainly a quick way to communicate with someone (especially if it is an occasional message sent to someone just for a specific situation, and we have no intention of maintaining private relations with him) and which avoids saving a contact in the address book which in reality we would not be interested in having.

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