What’s in it can be scary

What’s in it can be scary

There are places full of mystery, among which there are many among the strangest islands on the planet that will leave us with more than one question but also a lot of fascination.

Sable Island in Canada (photo from YouTube screenshot) – Ecoo.it

The strangest islands of the world. There really is a lot more to it in terms of shape, size and other characteristics. Like plants and animals that exist. One of the first places we think of when talking about the strangest islands in the world is Easter Island. Regionally it belongs to Chile, although it rises very far from South America, and also from Oceania. Easter Island Stand out in the middle of nowhere and the Pacific Ocean.

So named because the first European to set foot there, Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen in 1722, docked there on Easter Sunday of that year. The island was once fertile but over the centuries, starting in 1100 BC, the natives gave way to deforestation to say the least destructive. The most famous feature of the place is the large moai statues: they are 638 and may have had a ceremonial function for deceased tribal chiefs.

The strangest islands in the world, from the Philippines to Canada to Argentina

Vulcan Point, Philippines, literally “island within an island”. There is in fact a portion of land so large that it may be defined as a rock or some other formation, which rises in the middle of a lake which is on a larger island. The lake is Crater Lake, which rises on Taal Volcano, Volcano Island. In contrast, the island of Vulcano lies within the larger island of Luzon.

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What are the strangest and most mysterious islands in the world?
Vulcan Point in the Philippines (photo from YouTube screenshot) – Ecoo.it

Sable Island in Canada It has the shape of a crescent. Very long and very narrow, it has been the scene of many shipwrecks in the past. And we don’t know how, but there are several horses in that place. In Argentina, here is the floating island of Al Ain, which stands out on the delta of the very long ParanĂ¡ River. Its length is 4880 km. Why do you float? Because it rotates, probably due to the combined action of the wind and some kind of underwater current.

Earthly Paradise in Yemen and the secret of Gaiola in Italy

What are the strangest and most mysterious islands in the world?
Al Ain floating island in Argentina (photo from YouTube screenshot) – Ecoo.it

There is in Yemen the island of Socotra in the Arabian Sea. The plants found here are beautiful, with the most colorful shapes and colors, such as the dragon’s blood tree, bottle trees and cucumber trees. It is real heaven on earth. And what about Inhospitable Rockall Island? Big rock in the North Atlantic Ocean Where it is not possible to live in it, because it is too small and does not have the necessary horizontal space. But it is located in a strategic location. There is no officially recognized state to which sovereignty is attributed.

Italy also has one of the strangest islands in the world. Let’s talk From Isola della Gaiola, in the Gulf of Naples, and an integral part of the submerged Gaiola Garden. It’s so small, it actually consists of two large islands connected by a bridge. In one of them there are two secular villas, built from 1874 by Luigi de Negri. The Neapolitans consider the island of Gaiola to be a cursed island because of the premature deaths and disasters that befell almost all of its owners. There are many stories of murders, madness, suicides and failures. The thing is also about Gianni Agnelli, who also covered Gaiola and who always had a troubled family history due to several deaths. Today the island belongs to the Campania region.

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Snow-capped volcano in Australia and the story of Howland Island

Porcupine Islands: We are located in Maine, on the North Atlantic coast of the United States and is so called because of its shape resemblance to the typical spine of a porcupine. There are legends about pirate treasures that have been lying there for more than three centuries. There is remote Heard Island in Australiaand inhospitable Fush practically only inhabits itAnd the. However, there is an active volcano from which smoke and lava sometimes come out. All in the middle of the snow covering it.

What are the strangest and most mysterious islands in the world?
La Gaiola in the Gulf of Naples (photo from YouTube screenshot) – Ecoo.it

Finally there Howland Island, in the Pacific Ocean. It is located west of Kiribati, north of the equator (which Hurricanes never skip it for a specific reason), belongs to the United States. This place is associated with the mysterious disappearance of the American plane Amelia Earhart, which was supposed to land there in 1937 but all traces of it disappeared along its flight. She was the first woman in the world to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Exactly is Where the Titan submarine tragically exploded. Back on Howland Island, it holds the distinction of being the last place in the world where history is being changed every day.

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