“What fear did I go through for 7 years because of AIDS?”

“What fear did I go through for 7 years because of AIDS?”

Jorge Javier Vasquez He's never had a problem being honest about his private life. On this last occasion, he admitted that he was very afraid because of AIDS and revealed the decision he had made regarding future relationships he might have. Presenter Survivors He, like many other gay people, had difficult times When he started discussing HIV“I have lived in the shadow of a plague that will define several generations. AIDS has ruthlessly burdened an entire generation, and left another generation traumatized.

He spoke about this topic because he read a book and watched a series about it: “It made me smile and cry nonstop, with pain that moved me and worried me. How I was afraid for seven years of my life that I wouldn't be able to get an HIV test. A lot of loneliness and a lot of helplessness. How was I supposed to share my concerns if everything about this disease referred to vice and punishment?”

“It is still fortunate that there are unforgettable series, films and TV shows,” he says. It hasn't been long since then: “It's very difficult to explain to young people The fear we have been experiencing for many years because of the dreaded virus. Or how badly patients who were rejected by hospitals and many of their relatives were treated.”

Jorge Javier Vazquez admits that he was afraid because of telecinco AIDS

After this line and in the same text, Jorge Javier did A critique of current public health. He is clear that the country must “urgently” put its batteries into the issue, which he now realizes has had people close to him with health problems: “One of my close relatives in Barcelona had to wait for almost six months to get treatment.” practical. In Madrid, a physiotherapist's mother died without even receiving cancer treatment because the oncologist did not perform tests until November and she died a month later.

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Jorge Javier Vazquez says he doesn't want to see his future boyfriend wearing pajamas

The caller likes to talk about his love life. He now focused his thoughts on the future, and more specifically, on the moment when he would have a partner again: “If I had a boyfriend again, I don't want to see him in his pajamasIt may seem like a crazy statement, but he justifies it by emphasizing that he has learned from the mistakes he has made in the past: “I shared four days in a row with B., whom we trust so much that we were both unshaven, in pajamas and tracksuits. We had seen each other's faces since early morning, and the marks on the sheets were still around our necks.

“These are things I want to avoid, whenever possible, if I ever have a partner again These visions feed on sexual desire. You should see your friends bathing, at least,” he added in this text that helps to know more details about him and his thinking.

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