June 6, 2023

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What are the producers and costs

It is well known that one of the main problems of photovoltaic cells is certainly the visible impact of this type of technology on the environment in which they are installed. However, the brilliant idea of ​​an Italian entrepreneur may be able to solve this limit: we are talking about photovoltaic tiles. But what exactly is this? Let’s see together.

Among the many types of energies renewable able to take advantage of PVAn effective choice is definitely a choice fire belt PV. The main advantage of this type of Solar Panels is to be invisible systemwhich is an aspect that solves one of the main problems of photovoltaic cells, namelyEffect Visible.

But what exactly does it consist of? And who were they created? Let’s see together.

Photovoltaic tiles: the innovative invention

Photovoltaic 286025_1920The photovoltaic tiles Born from an idea John baptistnow 72 years old, has sought to solve one of the major problems in PV: L ‘visual effect. So he invented what is now called “Invisible PVAnd I started producing it in a family business Diaqualocated in Camisano Vicentino.

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But how does photovoltaic tiles achieve this invisible effect? The tiles are made by A polymer compound, non-toxic and fully recyclable, capable of absorbing photons. This creates a file glossy surface to the human eye but is transparent to sunlight, allowing light to power the inner monocrystalline silicon cells.

The first application of this technology occurred in Pompeii In the 2018specifically in Domus de Vite, Then it was also exported to Croatia, France, Portugal and England.

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Energy produced and limitations

Photovoltaic 2138992_1920L ‘Energy produced by photovoltaic tiles varies by surface coverage From tiles: to get them 1 kW/p They serve almost 9 square meters Than photovoltaic tiles, more or less 134 units.

Unfortunately, this type of technology also has some border. first i Costs they rather Average; In fact, the cost of one tile varies between 40 and 100 euros. Moreover, the lower energy production Compared to that produced by traditional solar panels.