“We are excited about what is to come.”

“We are excited about what is to come.”

Clinic is already starting to notice this Increase in healthcare pressure caused by increasing influenza cases in Catalonia. Experts warn that low temperatures and family gatherings at Christmas could double infections. Faced with this situation, the clinic is already preparing for what may come: “However, we are not bad We are concerned about how the flu will behave in the coming weeks“Explains the head of the emergency department, Ernest Pragulat.

More home hospital beds

Health workers at the clinic expect an influx of patients with influenza Growing from December 27Although they warn that climate plays a major role in infection. In order to respond to the increase in healthcare pressure, the hospital clinic provides what is neededGradual increase in hospital beds and admission beds Until reaching 85 beds.

Prioritize primary care emergencies

The file of patients requiring emergency care for respiratory diseases is practically identical to that of each year: The elderly and/or those suffering from pre-existing destabilizing diseases. But Dr. Pragulath warns that emergency rooms are sometimes filled with young people who are not suffering from high-risk illnesses, lengthening wait times. For this reason, citizens are requested to call 061 to obtain the health resources that best suit their needs Prioritize primary care.

Fears of lack of vaccination

Pragulat pointed out the key role he played Influenza vaccination to prevent more serious cases From the disease, the head of the emergency department at the clinic also expressed his concern due to vaccination “It did not get the desired response from vulnerable people.”.

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