Volleyball: Nations League, Italy defeat the Netherlands and return to the semi-finals after 8 years

Volleyball: Nations League, Italy defeat the Netherlands and return to the semi-finals after 8 years

The Azores suffer, but in the end they overtake the men of the field. On Saturday evening, they will face the winner from France and Japan

Italy v Netherlands 3-1 (21-25, 25-22, 25-13, 25-22) After 8 years of fasting and abstinence, Italy returns to the semi-finals of the Nations League (formerly called the World League) and does so with an evening full of suffering, but also with great sympathy for its fans, in what has become an evening party. Di Giorgi for this first “Italian” of his national team sends Giannilli diagonally to the Roma striker, Rosso and Anzani the central, Micheletto and Lavia Martelli, Palasso is free. Roberto Piazza responds with the Netherlands national team focusing their game too much on Nimr Abdulaziz, who until this year was the Premier League champion and who recently immigrated to Turkey. Italy starts well with the roar of the crowd, but in the middle of the group is joined by Holland who is so focused on humor and that puts the blues in difficulty. With inaccurate reception even the attack suffers and Namir and his comrades score the break that gives him the first set.


For Italy it’s like an electric shock and in the second set the music changes drastically, the tension melts on the debut at home and Italy goes to take the second part even though Orange scores a serious comeback. But with a Roman with a heavy hand in the beating, the Azores reached a tie. In the third set, the suffering continues until the middle of the road, then Giannelli and his companions rest and go to win another set that brings them closer to winning the match. De Giorgi also throws Galassi into the fight in place of Anzani. Italy finds the right direction, but they already know that even in Group D they will have to deal with the Netherlands who don’t want to give up anything and who do everything to spoil the party in the blue wave. Ivan Zaitsev also enters the field, greeted by a roar from the audience, then the technical difference between the two teams appears on the surface and the Azzurri go to take this win that deserves the semi-final 8 years after the last time, in 2014 Azzurri de Pirotto finished in third place. Saturday evening (9pm) on the way to Italy there will be the winner between France and Japan (without Ishikawa) who plays Thursday afternoon. With their 3-1 victory over Brazil, the United States became the first to qualify for the semi-finals and will meet the winner from Poland and Iran.

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