Synthetic GMOs are nothing compared to those produced by nature

Synthetic GMOs are nothing compared to those produced by nature

The FederBio document states that “genetically modified bacteria, plants and animals cannot have evolved in nature.” But this is not true: the genome of every organism is like a constantly discontinuous mosaic, other than a harmonious balance

From time to time, nature provides an explanation of the ideas of the alleged apologists. In the FederBio document dedicated to genetically modified cropsAnd the We read that “a genetically modified organism (or genetically modified organism or “gene”) is an organism (plant or animal) whose genetic heritage has been altered by removing or adding genes using genetic manipulation techniques. These techniques make it possible to mix genes of different species: animal genes into bacteria and plants or vice versa”; in a few lines below, we also read that “genetically modified bacteria, plants and animals cannot have evolved in nature.” Now, although The definition given to genetically modified organisms is acceptable, the belief that these organisms are a typical product of human technology, a lot that they cannot “evolve in nature”, this is simply wrong, It was also in 2017, the time of publication of the aforementioned vademecum. However, in nature, far more randomized trials are conducted than humans have ever imagined, and they all pass through the iron sieve of natural selection.

Let’s take insects, for example. In a very recent work just published on Cellin which the genomes of 218 different species were examined, 741 different examples of gene transfer were found from other species, even from different kingdoms (such as bacteria), which “randomly” incorporated 1,410 different genes into their recipient genomes, with functions often not Determined after before the respective study. Genetically modified insects are the descendants of the luckiest and best adapted Among the “hopeful monsters” resulting from completely random genetic engineering that occur with a high frequency in all genetic organisms.

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Evidence for the advantage of this natural phenomenon is quite clear from the example achieved by the authors, a specific gene that originated in bacteria and ended up in the ancestors of butterflies and moths, which controls, increases and improves the courtship behavior of males. . ; For this reason, Created Naturals GMO has done a clean sweep of all of its “ultra-natural” and contemporary non-GMO competitors (at least not for this extension). GMOs had a devastating effect on the populations and ecosystems in which they appeared, extinguishing the “natural butterflies” and leaving only the modified organisms, which we now see flying. Unlike very few GMOs invented by man, in fact, GMOs are carefully selected because of their invasiveness, i.e. their ability to expand in the population, At the expense of other individuals of their own and different species, which may resonate with the ecological effects of genetic shift that occurred due to direct competition, predation, better evasion from predation, etc.

Nature really tests randomly, and what FederBio says about GMOs created by man is true, i.e. “unpredictability of what will result, nor possible consequences”, except for one: any natural genetically modified organism will be successful because it will be able to reproduce better than its predecessors , or soon disappear. Nor should we think that what we observe today is only the result of distant realities now, with a “smooth transition” giving way to the assimilation of new organisms in a hypothetical and non-existent natural equilibrium; Even in the past 100 years, the emergence of many natural GMOs in every living kingdom has been documented. Far from shaping the constant and constant “project” of each species, roughly its platonic essence, the genome of each organism is very much like a constantly choppy mosaic, which acquires elements from different organisms and reuses them in new ways, constantly changing precisely this “genetic eco-landscape” that One desires to be steady and in harmonious equilibrium, while instead being idle and tending to favor only the maximum reproduction of each individual.

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GMOs, whether of human origin or not, have always existed and continue to emerge, with environmental consequences even on a large scale; We can decide whether we will leave it to chance, indifferent to our needs, or whether we will make use of the technologies at our disposal, From precise genetic engineering to assessing impacts on health, environment and wealth, to creating genetically modified organisms as in the past we created our own animal and plant species for domestication.

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