Volkswagen Scirocco, the extreme version: almost six hundred horsepower and two turbines

Volkswagen Scirocco, the extreme version: almost six hundred horsepower and two turbines

A devastating engine turns a Volkswagen into a torpedo capable of leaving behind any competitor on the road: that’s the secret of the most powerful Scirocco in history.

Have you ever heard of those sleeping cars? It doesn’t seem fast But are they? This term usually refers to those cars that have undergone a particularly successful or thoughtful tuning that have gone from having a few hundred horsepower to offering double or triple the horsepower. Often it is enough to put your hands on the engine for this to happen.

Volkswagen Scirocco, the extreme version: almost six hundred horsepower and two turbines

Never seen before! (ANSA) –

Since the 1970s that marked its arrival on the market, the Volkswagen Scirocco has long been one of the favorite sleepers of American and international auto tuners. model third generation It arrived in 2008 is certainly no exception and, in fact, today we will see one that has been equipped with a decidedly scary engine that makes it as powerful as a Porsche.

A four-cylinder petrol engine was installed on board the production car In more powerful versions Delivers over two hundred horsepower, quite a few according to processors who got their hands on this particular sample. In short, let’s explore what they did and why the Scirocco became…a real storm.

real storm

Today’s car belongs to Doug DeMuro who has shown it extensively on his YouTube channel: after all, with the necessary modifications, a car that does not seem to deviate too much aesthetically from the basic version has become a real supercar in miniature Don’t be afraid of confrontation Not even with the most powerful sports car you can think of at the moment.

Volkswagen Scirocco

The tuning was crazy (Youtube) –

Made in the USA by Tuner HPA Motorsports Which has been in the area for years, the above Volkswagen Scirocco has been modified with the engine completely modified and equipped with a turbine, a brand new compressor and water and methanol injection. The brakes have also been modified to avoid accidents and the car will really need it for its on-track capabilities…

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The Car It now has 565 hp For a maximum torque of 580 Nm, the Group B car is practically suitable for a race had it not been for the suspension, which has not received a proper adjustment. Oddly enough, the car isn’t meant for Time Attack events like other models we’ve seen in the past. They’ll probably just use it to escape the police, which they’d be fine with anyway given the specs.

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