One hundred thousand Giallorossi fans at Circus Maximus for the Rome Sports Concert

One hundred thousand Giallorossi fans at Circus Maximus for the Rome Sports Concert

Let the party begin. At 16.50, the two open-top buses departed from via dell’Arcadia to Circus Maximus with players, staff and a trophy on board to celebrate yesterday’s success in the Conference League of Rome. Already in Trigoria, hundreds of fans greeted the players at the start, while more than five thousand people were already waiting for them in the middle from 4 pm, a number destined to increase during the afternoon. Choirs against Di Canio, the Roma anthem made of fans’ cupboards, smoke bombs and flags for a veritable conquest of the center. The tour will then continue via Cristoforo Colombo, via delle Terme di Caracalla, Piazza di Porta Capena, tour the square at Circus Maximus and finally reach the Colosseum by crossing di San Gregorio and via Celio Vibenna. At the end of the event, scheduled for about 20.30, they will return to Via dell’Arcadia.

According to the police command, nearly 100,000 Roma fans participate in the celebrations of winning a league conference at Circus Maximus. Municipal police, already in the early afternoon, ordered the area closed. In the field, hundreds of local police, from the Trevi Group, along with units from the VIII Tintoretto and Gpit (Traffic Emergency Response Group) units. The White Helmets will participate in the demarcation of the borders of the affected area and in traffic services, which are set up for a wide range, even along the route of the team buses.

Conference, first Roma fans arrive at Circus Maximus for the party

The program of Rome’s victory celebrations was determined at a regular conference. This afternoon, two open-top buses will leave at around 4pm and arrive half an hour later to pass through delle Terme di Caracalla. From there the procession will move with all the fans to Circus Maximus with the arrival of the scheduled date at five in the evening, the club did not reveal the starting point of the parade for reasons of public order.

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Fiumicino fan conference for the return of Rome

Meanwhile, in the meantime, three thousand fans have already gone to Fiumicino for the team’s arrival with the cup, but without much luck because Roma then left the airport from a secondary exit to head to Trigoria, where Pellegrini is waiting. And there were hundreds of fellow admirers. “This trophy is for you, thank you guys,” said Captain Lorenzo Pellegrini, who went down to the roof of the building with the rest of the team to celebrate the crowd. “It was an extraordinary emotion, an important victory for Rome, for the fans but also for the whole city. It was great to be in Tirana with the mayor of Tirana and Rotterdam and with our fans in a competition that reinforces the values ​​of the sport and fills us with great pride.

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Today there will be a nice party, the team bus will travel through the city streets and will arrive at Circus Maximus. It is true that this extraordinary victory is being celebrated today, I will be there.” This was stated by the Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the display box that houses the remains of the “Quarto Savona Quindichi”, the escort car of Giovanni Falcone.

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