Verdeuro wins in a direct tiebreaker

Verdeuro wins in a direct tiebreaker

Macau – Good match, close win. Brazil then won the tie-break: 3-2. Verdeuro led 1-0, then the Azzurri came back 2-1. Draw and decisive set. Brazil is still unbeatable. Italy is ready to challenge China tomorrow at lunchtime.


Ejono Record

Impressive dunk by the Italian in the match against Brazil. Speed 116 km/h An impenetrable Qatari. There are 29 final points with 3 blocks and 1 ace.


Italy results so far

May 29: Italy – France 3-0 (25-15, 25-14, 25-14); May 30: Dominican Republic – Italy 0-3 (12-25, 19-25, 21-25); June 1: Brazil – Italy 3-2 (26-24, 25-27, 18-25, 25-19, 15-10).


Nations League rules

The top eight in the rankings qualify for the finals, which will be held in Bangkok from June 20 to 23. The latter were relegated to the Challenge Cup.


Upcoming commitments for the Italian women’s volleyball team

In this second week of the Women’s Nations League being held in Macau, LItaly will return to the field tomorrow at 1:30pm against China.


Italy’s ranking in the Nations League

Poland leads with 7 matches won and 21 points. Brazil also won seven matches with 19 points. Then Italy is in third place: 5 wins, 16 points.


Brazil vs Italy numbers

Ana Cristina made the difference: 22 points, 18 in attack, 3 in blocks and 1 on serve. Rosemaria also performed well: 19 points. Gabi closes out the podium with 13. These are the three green and gold phenomena.


Italy vs Brazil numbers

Paula Egonu scored 29 points. La Danesi 15, Sylla 11. Unfortunately, Fahr’s five service faults stand out. There are 4 of Ijono.


Italy, which missed the spotlight

Too many errors in the service. Analysis after losing the match to Brazil: Six false serves in the first part of the fourth set kept Brazil afloat. Who took advantage of the bad moment to make the score 2-2. The score at that moment was 15-11 for Italy.


Result of the match between Italy and Brazil

Italy – Brazil 2-3 (24-26, 27-25, 25-18, 19-25, 10-15)

Italy: Oro 3, Danisi 12, C. Busetti 7, Egono 29, Lupyan 5, Sella 11, Di Gennaro (left). Degradi 1, Campi, Antropova 5, Fahr 9, Vercino. NE: Bonifacio, Nervini L. Velasco

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Brazil: Rosemaria 19, Ana Cristina 20, Thessa 9, Roberta 2, Gaby 13, Karol 12. Niemi (left). Macris, Bree Darwit, Taynara. Ne: Diana, Natinha (left), Bergman, Luzia. Everyone is like Roberto
Referee: Kang (South Korea) and Agnieszka (Poland)
Length: 24′, 29′, 21′, 21′, 14′.
Italy: 5a, 19b, 12m, 38 et al.
Brazil: 4a, 11b, 13m, 26 et al.


Silla’s words

“It was difficult, Brazil is very strong. He covers every ball and it was difficult to play over the players. However, we are all happy with this group. We have to fight together, united. Today was difficult because we started at a lower level. But in the end we reached the fifth set.”


Italy, which missed the spotlight

Too many errors in the service. Analysis after losing the match to Brazil: Six false serves in the first part of the fourth set kept Brazil afloat. Who took advantage of the bad moment to make the score 2-2. The score at that moment was 15-11 for Italy.


Brazil wins over Italy 3-2

Egonu scores 29 points 13-10. Ana Cristina once again does not forgive Brazilian football. The score ended at 15-10, with the Green and Gold team winning 3-2.


Italy, time-out, decisive moment: 11-9 Brazil

The Blue Wall defeated Brazil 11-9 after an amazing save by our girls. The deadline called for by Velasco. Everything is decided here.


Italy is trying and staying there

Ana Cristina gets lost in submission. Fehr makes a mistake, her fifth serve error. 9-6 Brazil. Abbreviated Silla, Italy there. Green and gold wall for 8-9. Antropova is out. 10-8. Very tight match.


Brazil is ahead, we are 8-5

Forest wall in Antropova. It’s 8-5 to Brazil, who are now trying to escape. Velasco looks miserable. Change domain.


Italy – Brazil 4-4: point by point

Posetti first, Fehr next with a nice block. 3-3. Invasion of Brazil with a score of 4-3. Egonu was blocked and tied again. State your point of view: 4-4


The start of the tie-break: Brazil leads 2-1

The fifth group begins. Danisi starts well and scores a point straight away. Anna Cristina does not forgive immediately after that. 1-1, always balance. Rosemaria is crushed, and the blue wall is outside.

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Brazil wins Group D: 2-2 against Italy

Ace Brazil and the group goes to Brazil (19-25). Score 2-2, a tiebreak is needed.


Ana Cristina makes the difference now: 22-18

Bossetti couldn’t find the block and Italy ended up with a score of -3. Ana Cristina dominates 22-18. Four in a row for Brazil.


A decisive moment. Brazil leads 20-18

Danisi crushes: 11th point for her and 18th for everyone else. Anna Cristina is crushing and doesn’t give any chance. Great game now the blue wall and the ball are out. Brazil leads 20-18.


Incredibly, Brazil led 18-17

A delicate moment for Italy now, as Brazil still trails and is now 17-17. Then I excel at the green and gold.


Italy is in time out, Brazil is there

Very few batting errors for Italy. Then Ejono scores again and sends Brazil away. 17-14. Then the green and gold come back with two consecutive points. Velasco calls timeout.


Sela was also very good: Italy led 15-12

Scylla at the hand of the wall cunningly: +3 Italy. We are 14-11. Then a Brazilian block ends outside. 15-12.


Italy and Brazil, we keep fighting

Igono’s car crashes at 91 km/h leaving no escape. 11-8. Ana Cristina also creates an 11-9 lead.


Group 4 Egonu leads again

Starting with balance, then the Italian Super Cup with 5 consecutive points. We’re at 9-7. Ejono then puts a ball behind the defence, which is worth it 10-7.


Italy wins the third set: we are 2-1!

A wonderful diagonal shot by Brazilian Rosemaria made the score 22-17. Antropova crushes and makes the score 23-17 with an air-to-surface missile. Which is repeated after 10 seconds: 17-24. Fehr’s winning touch and Italy wins the third set: 25-18.


Italy leads confidently: 21-15

When Egonu attacks he always makes the difference: 19-15. Italy then kicks off: 21-15!


Italy took the lead again, the fourth in a row for the Italians: 18-14

Italy’s advantage is 17-14. Danisi’s seventh point. Egono then cut through Brazil’s defense to make it 18-14.


What a match between Italy and Brazil: 14-14

This time Silla is not enough. Italy led again 14-13. The Brazilians equalize again. We fight point by point.


Brazil is back: it’s 12-12

Egonu still wins on the block: deflection and exit. Brazil is trying to come back. The game is always open. Sela’s diagonal shot goes wide. Sila is crushed again and asks for a touch to the wall: video and no-touch challenge. Tie 12-12.

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Italy also blocks: 11-7

Ana Cristina tries, Egono blocks and scores. Third personal point and tenth team point for the Italians. We are 11-7.


Italy leads 8-5

Gabby’s invasion on Egonu’s dunk. The Azores still lead by a large margin: 8-4. Too bad for the Silla Wall that ends outside.


An excellent start to the third group for Italy

Italy is confident, thanks to Egono who always makes the difference. Great start: 7-3.


Italy and Brazil 1-1: The Italians equalize the score!

Posetti misses serve, we’re 25-25. Anna Cristina serves, fourth set for Italy. Blue Wall on Rosemaria Blow. Here is a 1-1 draw


Antropova in the match, Italy leads 25-24

Reception error, long ball from the Italians. Velasco is angry about a refereeing error. We are at 24-24. Antropova falls to the floor to take the new Italian lead.


Serving Brazil to tie it 24-23

Ejono is using foreplay this time! Italy double set point. Brazil shortens, inside Antropova.


Italy leads 23-22

Bomb from Ejono who scores 22-22 and goes to serve. Fehr nicely fills the lead. Then a timeout.


Italy draws, we’re at 21-21

One two for Brazil with Rosemaria 20-20. High tempo and point after point. Danisi’s first half was beautiful, but the opponent’s defense was a miracle. It is 21-20. Posetti puts everything back on track.


Italy leads 20-18

Winning dunk by Igono that made it 18-17 for the Italians. So Danisi’s block is the winner making it 19-17. Gabe cuts short, then Danisi again. 20-18.


The second group, Italy is trying

Brazil’s mistake with Ana Cristina and Italy’s first crush of the match. We are at 16-16.


Italy vs Brazil, Group A

Group A goes to Brazil after a difficult start for Italy. Back with a 24 to 24 draw. Then the Brazilians close thanks to two errors from the Italians and the score ends at 26-24.


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