Venezuela and Guyana agree to hold a meeting to address the Esquipa dispute

Venezuela and Guyana agree to hold a meeting to address the Esquipa dispute

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Governments Venezuela I am from Guyana They agreed to meet to find a solution to the regional dispute in the regionEsquipawhich is the area governed by the country Nicolas Maduro It has been claiming ownership since the nineteenth century, when the borders of South American countries were determined. The goal of the meeting is to reach an agreement without any interference from external parties.

Venezuelans expressed almost unanimous support for the referendum, which raised five questions about the claim to Guyana Esquipa. 95.93% of voters support the creation of an integrated state on Venezuelan territory,” according toGeneva Convention and international law.”

The Geneva Agreement he refers to is an agreement between Venezuela and Guyana to establish a commission to find a solution to the regional conflict that was reached in 1966. Although the border between Venezuela and Guyana British Guiana Defined by the Essequibo River, British settlers expanded beyond the river and occupied the area. To resolve the conflict, in 1899 Venezuela and Counting unit They agreed that the court would solve the problem in accordance with international law. The court was to consist of five members: two from Venezuela, two from the United Kingdom, and a fifth neutral member. However, the United Kingdom demanded that Venezuela’s representation be determined by Parliament United State. The fifth member is the Russian citizen Fyodor MartensWho was a professor at the British universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh. The court ruled in favor of the United Kingdom, but Venezuela did not consider it neutral, which is why decades later it had to be addressed again through the Geneva Agreement.

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The meeting comes as a result of telephone conversations that took place between Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro; his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inacio da Silva; Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves; The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres. The Venezuelan Foreign Minister said in a statement, “Venezuela expresses its satisfaction and accepts this invitation with pleasure and commitment.” Evan Gil.

Maduro ratified the historic position on Venezuela’s non-negotiable sovereign rights over Guyana-Esquipa.

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