Valadier Walls Opens: A Day Dedicated to Science with SUSA, INFN and ENEA

Valadier Walls Opens: A Day Dedicated to Science with SUSA, INFN and ENEA

Publication date: Wednesday, April 27, 2022 – News Editorial Board

Frascati (Current Affairs) – This morning I cut the ribbon with Mayor Francesca Spardella. We talked about DTT, Eupraxia and the development of the Tuscan research area

This morning space Valadier . wallswhich was recently renovated to mark the event that celebrated the closing of events SUSA . project to frascati.

“As management, we are very pleased to collaborate on the SUSA project, which is specifically designed to make people grow Tuscolana Research Districtone of the largest in Europe, which sees the participation of thousands of researchers every day – said the mayor of Frascati Francesca Spardella -. “

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SUSA (Smart Urban Sustainable District) is a network made up of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, the research bodies CNR, ENEA, INAF and INFN, which together with Rome Capitale VI and the Municipality of Frascati have positioned themselves The goal is to implement a project to develop a specialized field of science and knowledge , with the potential, among the various initiatives, to provide a program for the implementation of the European Urban Agenda.
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A day started at 9:30 with a press point for the inauguration of the Mura del Valadier space, in the presence of local research institutions and bodies. Then the round table dedicated to the results of the SUSA project was held and the future developments of the research area, together with administrators and stakeholders, were touched upon in light of the new important constructs, DTT and Eupraxia First, they will begin to see the light starting in 2023.

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At the same time heldFlag in celebration”, the sub-event dedicated to scientific publishing, created in collaboration with the Frascati Scienza Association, which includes several science laboratories for pupils from primary to secondary schools. The afternoon will be devoted to the general public with several workshops.

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