Usha, 15, kills a high school in Michigan: 3 students killed, eight injured

A 15-year-old boy at a high school in Michigan, USA, opened fire with a semi-automatic weapon, killing 3 students and injuring 8 others. The shooting happened at Oxford High School in Oxford, about 40 kilometers north of Detroit. The victim was a second-year student at the company who was arrested shortly after the murder. The victims were some of his comrades: sixteen-year-olds and two girls aged 17 and 14.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said a teacher was also injured. The student’s weapon and handgun were confiscated. The area was cordoned off by police, Auckland County Sheriff’s Office officials, firefighters and dozens of ambulances. Within minutes, after all, the students’ families arrived at the scene with fathers and mothers to learn about their children.

The alarm went off just before 1pm local time when phone calls rained down on the 911 switchboard from people who heard gunshots. Police arrived at the scene within minutes and reportedly stopped the young killer by removing a semi-automatic rifle fired by 15-20 gunmen. The boy did not object: Deputy Mike McCabe said he was not injured when he was stopped and did not answer questions about why he did it or where he got the weapon from. He said he just wanted a lawyer.

Police have launched an investigation into the social accounts of the 15-year-old to find possible confessions that could have prompted his gesture. According to McCabe, the school’s students and managers were able to act immediately to avoid a major tragedy by applying all the protocols planned in the United States for these events. A 15-year-old student spoke to Detroit Free Press reporters as their teacher closed the door to the classroom after the first shots, and all the boys set up a barricade with desks against the entrance.

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Meanwhile, the alarm that sounded for the first time during school days has returned to national broadcasters across the country. Columbine, Two students killed 13 fellow students and teachers before taking their own lives. It has been in the United States since April 30, 1999 There have been many more massacres Performed by youth in such schools New city (27 died) e Parkland (17 victims) and each time provoke unheard resistance against the spread of weapons.

Biden: “We are shocked

My heart goes out to families who are enduring the unthinkable pain of losing a loved one. So US President Joe Biden from Minnesota commented on the first news of the shooting. “The whole community – the US president said. This time is shocking.”

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