“Frank and professional” exchanges between Americans and the Taliban

(Washington) US and Taliban officials will discuss security and human rights in Qatar, the US State Department said Sunday.

The door said that the U.S. delegation visited Doha on Saturday and Sunday to “focus on security, terrorism and travel security for American citizens, other foreigners and our Afghan partners.”

Among the topics discussed were: “Human rights, especially the participation of women and girls at all levels of Afghan society”, Mr. But “substantial humanitarian aid from the United States was provided directly to the people of Afghanistan.”

According to the State Department, the exchanges were “transparent and professional” and US officials reaffirmed that “the Taliban will be determined not only by their words, but also by their actions.”

The Taliban are seeking the recognition of the international community and assistance in preventing a humanitarian catastrophe in the country.

Afghanistan has been economically paralyzed since the Taliban came to power and international aid that has immediately frozen all of the country’s assets and kept the country afloat.

On the brink of a severe humanitarian crisis, the United Nations says one-third of Afghanistan’s population is threatened by famine.

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