USA: Midterms, Republicans take back the room – World

USA: Midterms, Republicans take back the room – World

Republicans take back the House of Representatives after four years, handing Joe Biden to a divided Congress and a possible wave of investigations against him, his family and his administration.

While realizing the looming dangers and problems a divided Congress would create over his agenda, the President congratulates the conservatives on winning a majority in the House. Noting that the midterm elections “demonstrated the strength and resilience of American democracy” with voters who “reject deniers, political violence and intimidation,” Biden said he was “ready to work with Republicans.” His letter is aimed at Kevin McCarthy, the Conservative leader in the House of Representatives on his way to succeeding Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

The spotlight is on Pelosi: The staunch Democrat has yet to rescind her reservations about her future, but she may do so soon, perhaps in the next few days. Despite the succession of rumors, it seems that her transfer to Italy to become an ambassador – according to her spokesperson – is unlikely. Pelosi, an 82-year-old native of Abruzzo and Molly, said her decision would be influenced by the incident with her husband, Paul, who was attacked at home with hammers. Democrats are eagerly waiting and have already begun working behind the scenes to lay the foundations for his eventual succession, in an effort to appease the growing chorus of generational change demands.

For now, the Republicans are enjoying a victory, the only consolation from a disappointing campaign run. “The Americans are ready to take a new direction, and the Republicans in the House of Representatives are ready to act,” says McCarthy. The 57-year-old Republican could replace Pelosi: in fact, he won his party’s nomination for Speaker of the House, but he doesn’t yet have the numbers to be elected. However, McCarthy still has several weeks, until early January, to convince the skeptical conservatives, who are concentrated on the far right of the party. They are the ones who ask McCarthy to make it clear whether he intends to initiate proceedings against Hunter Biden, the president’s son, and against the administration of Afghanistan and Covid.

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