USA, McKinney: ‘We will honor our country’

USA, McKinney: ‘We will honor our country’

Weston McKinneyAnd the Midfielder Juventuswill be one of the main characters, with United State, affiliate world Cup Which will start in a few days Qatar.

The star-and-stripes midfielder was intercepted by the Qatari press at the expense of Beautiful words in front of their fans They even arrived in Qatar to support the team.

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McKinney accuses American fans: “We will honor you and honor the country”

Weston McKinney, Words from Leader: “We Will Honor Our Country”

He has now proven himself to be a finished leader Weston McKinneywho, after training, took the floor in front of the American fans who got there Qatar To support your team:

“As Coach Berhalter specified, we’re really happy to have you here. We have values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we follow tirelessly and I’m 100% sure those are the qualities you show every day. And the sacrifice you guys and your families have is real. I know that, it’s incomparable. My dad was in the military, We traveled all over. You supported me as much as you could, and the sacrifice you make, taking a whole day for us to support us, is key, so thank you. We will honor our village.”

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Juventus at the top: Allegri’s team to go to the World Cup

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