USA, 81, lives a week eating cookies and croissants eating snow

USA, 81, lives a week eating cookies and croissants eating snow

Stuck in the snow Inside his car, he managed to survive for a week by rationing what little food was available and doing their best to get drinks: The Incredible Episode, featuring a man 81 years oldcomes from States united.

The cold wave that hit the United States

To tell the details to BBC And Christian JoritJerry’s nephew, the protagonist of the story is a former NASA employee. All traces of him have been lost for about a week, since he left his mountain home in Big Pipe (California) to return to his wife in nv. The man had never reached his destination, and the many days that had passed since the search began had caused his family to lose any remaining hope of ever finding him alive: “Everything was miraclecomments the old man’s nephew.

Jerry Gouret I fell victim to the wave of bad weather that hit California Last month: A series of winter storms dropped at least 90 inches of snow in the northern part of the state, precisely where the 81-year-old’s mountain home is located. A wave of bad weather that, according to local authorities, has led to the deaths of at least 13 people.

Journey of 81 years

The episode opens on February 24, when Jerry gets behind the wheel of his SUV to drive back to the family home in Nevada departing from Big Pipe in California: a trip that usually takes about four hours. During the trip, about half an hour after leaving, the man loses control of the car and ends up staying Trapped Under a huge snowdrift.

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Without panicking, Jerry puts some concepts from the reality show into action survivor, which he was watching with his wife, catching everything in the cockpit that could come in handy. Thanks to a thin duvet and a towel, the 81-year-old is trying to keep warm and avoid hypothermia, also because he was wearing a fairly light jacket. By periodically turning the engine on and off, it also manages to conserve the SUV’s gasoline and battery for three and a half days. However, to keep you hydrated, Jerry uses ice directly, then feeds himself some leftover snacks:He lived on ice, biscuits and croissants.The nephew told the BBC.

The situation got worse when the battery died, which died just as Jerry was trying to turn on Window. Since then, of course, it was difficult to protect yourself from the cold and avoid hypothermia. Fortunately, Jerry “only” had to grind his teeth for two days in this new situation: as weather conditions improved, the search resumed and the 81-year-old was rescued by helicopter, which took him to hospital. Fortunately, Jerry was fine and showed no signs of hypothermia, a detail that left the doctors and nurses stunned.

The Inyo County Sheriff’s Office said the helicopter found the vehicle after the explosion signal from a cell phone It was docked in an area along Death Valley Road.As the crew approached for inspection, someone started waving from inside the vehicle.reads the press release.

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