US government cross-chair target: Facebook and WhatsApp at risk

Risk of selling Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram? Causes and hypotheses about potential effects for meta and users.

These days the White House Welcomed executives of major technology companies including Meta Platforms Inc Owns Facebook e Oracle Corp., To discuss with government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense and the Department of Commerce, the steps to be taken for the country’s cyber security.

In particular, the problem Security vulnerabilities In software An open source called Log4j Companies around the world use it Data recording In their applications. But behind these blatant nonsense with the Biden government, there is one The old threat. A judge’s verdict can actually be Sharpen a wound in the heart of Mark Zuckerberg, And lead A long and costly legal battle in the future Of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Meta wants to sell its social networks

For many years The Federal Trade Commission, U.S. government agency promoting elimination and prevention of consumer protection and anti-competitive business practices, does not like the former Facebook. L ‘Trust Commission As well as allegations made by public prosecutors in several states of the Union Monopoly activities, I have repeatedly asked politics and the judiciary to resolve this issue Will remove the entire network Of the group.

One of the most staunch supporters of this Strict solution Has always been Lina Con, An American lawyer specializing in antitrust laws Joe Biden Leader in person Federal Trade Commission.

It was always hers Champion in the fight against excessive power To submit initial request for sale of high-tech multinationals Share e Instagram For electricity Meta panel. But, then Judge James Bosberg He rejected the documents defining it Incomplete. Today, after a series of appeals by both contestants, the same magistrate had to step down and face new elements. Agrees with Khan, Calls the FTC’s request under “credible” Sherman Act, Prevents monopolies from stealing from consumers.

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Possible effects

Apparently The road from here to a test is very long: In this case the burden of evidence rests with the Commission, i.e. it must request documents from the company accusing it of anti-competitive behavior. Prove that his accusations are correct. With this in mind, this may obviously take some time Do everything to resist the meta. So, only later, if the FTC finds evidence in support of his case, can it begin the first trial phase, the legal attack is pending, and if it is successful, there will be no precedent in recent U.S. history. Which can lead to the disintegration of a company, which, in the opinion of many in the States, has “lost the benefit of competition to consumers”.

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