April 2, 2023

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Gas boilers, no sale from 2029: here are the rewards for changing them

From 2029 it will not be possible to buy it, as the European Union has set with Repower EU, but in the meantime it is expected to be accessible bonus to change them boilers Plus numerous tax credits to save energy.

But let’s see what is a little better.

Stop selling boilers from 2029

As written in an earlier article by IlGiornale, on March 8, the European Union presented the Reopwer EU maxi scheme which should improve sustainability by saving energy and above all reducing dependence on Russia. To do this, “more stringent limits for ecological design of heating systems, which means 2029 as the deadline for placing autonomous fossil fuel boilers on the market” were introduced among the envisaged measures.

In fact, from 2025 onwards, there will be a gradual elimination of boilers for the introduction of solar panels until 2029.

It is conceivable that the better the efficiency of the boilers, the more time you will have to change them … Then you can consider taking advantage of the various bonuses and tax concessions that currently exist.

Boiler bonus: what it is and how to get it

It’s basically a fileTax exemption It is aimed at citizens who are making changes to their homes with the aim of reducing consumption, thus achieving greater environmental sustainability.

To take advantage of it can the owners and all those who have the right to the property (eg tenants for rent); Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the basis of the applicant’s ISEE.

Depending on the type of intervention, the opponent will be:

  • equal to 50% of the costs in the case of installing a new boiler (without valves) of class A;
  • equal to 65% if boilers of class A or higher are installed with heating control valves;
  • up to 110% in the event that the boiler installation falls within the works of the superbonus.
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Disassembly and assembly expenses are also accepted, but ENEA must be notified of the work that has been done, in order for the benefits claim to proceed.

The bonus can be claimed by December 31, 2022 but be warned, the expenses must be made via a trackable payment method.

Other rewards

Among the other perks available, Ecobonus is included Extra umbrellas. These are incentives, in the form of concessions, to purchase and install sunscreens or mobile blackout shutters.

The benefit consists of a deduction of 50% of the expenses incurred (up to 60 thousand euros of which 50% can be deducted), which can be up to 110 if it falls under the Superbonus business. Logically, it will be possible to take advantage of the bonus only if some technical characteristics are respected and can demand it:

  • Owners of individual residential real estate units
  • Who have a real right to real estate units
  • Shared space owners