Ukraine, the first train loaded with wheat arrived in Lithuania

Ukraine, the first train loaded with wheat arrived in Lithuania

export half –

“We expect to receive one train per day from Ukraine, each carrying up to 1,500 tons of wheat and other agricultural products,” Ltg railway spokesman Mantas Dubauskas was quoted by Reuters news agency as saying. In the first 10 days of May, Ukrainian wheat exports fell by more than half compared to the same period in 2021, from 667,000 to 300,000 tons.

EU accusations and photos CNN

“Putin uses the issue of food as a weapon, and the impact is palpable not only on Ukraine but also in Africa and Asia: we have no doubt that Russian forces are stealing Ukrainian wheat or destroying stocks, there is different evidence. We cannot say what we can and want to do to confront the situation because the war They are underway, but discussions are underway on how to intervene once ships leave ports.” These are the harsh accusations made by a European Commission spokesperson after it was published before CNN Satellite images that would immortalize the Russians’ theft of Ukrainian wheat. “Once again, our response must be to mobilize more cooperation at the European and global levels,” said EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, explaining that Europe is working on solutions to bring wheat to global markets.

Russian ship routes –

Maxar Technologies photos taken on May 19 and 21 in the port of Sevastopol show the Matros Pozynich and Matros Koshka ships moored next to the granaries, where they dumped materials into storage. Having carried what is believed to be stolen Ukrainian wheat, the two ships left port in the meantime, one of them sailing towards Beirut and the other unknown.

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Kyiv call –

“Do not buy stolen wheat, do not be complicit in Russian crimes.” Thus, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, in front of CNN photos, warned countries that they might receive offers from the Russians to buy the looted grain.

Moscow denies –

And Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov sends accusations to the sender, arguing that Western sanctions will pose “the real threat to world hunger.” Peskov explains the Moscow version of the export issue: “The Russian side has always been a reliable source of grain, and the Russian side does not prevent Ukraine from transporting grain by train.”

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