Ukraine-Russia war, today’s news

Ukraine-Russia war, today’s news

The United States is ready to show information about a possible shipment of Chinese weapons to Moscow. Blinken announces new sanctions. Zelensky: “There will be negotiations, we need a peace summit.” Der Spiegel, “Chinese Kamikaze Drones for Russia.” NATO: “Strengthening Moldova’s Defense.”

365 days since the start of the war in Ukraine

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Live news of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia

Medvedev: The West is prolonging the suffering of Ukraine

The deputy head of the Russian Security Council said: “The West is only prolonging Ukraine’s suffering in the hope of weakening Russia and then eliminating it.” Dmitry Medvedevin an article published in the National Defense Journal, citing RIA Novosti. “The West is artificially prolonging the torment of Ukraine in the hope that in this way it will wear out Russia.” According to Medvedev, the United States has spent $50 billion on military aid to Ukraine. “The Russian defense industry is functioning, and no arms supplies from the West can give Kiev an advantage,” he added.


British Defense: Moscow has run out of Iranian drone stocks, look for new supplies

Russia has run out of stock Iranian drones And it is looking for new supplies, as the Ministry of Defense notes in its regular daily update on the situation in Ukraine. Since the 15th, there have been no reports of drone strikes.

Kuleba: I do not agree with Beijing’s plan to end sanctions

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, believes that in the position paper on the war in Ukraine presented by China “there are various elements that we agree on, but at least one element that we do not agree on, which is the demand for an end to” unilateral sanctions “we believe – says Kuleba, quoting some media, including In that Ukraine Pravda – that sanctions are an important tool.” But overall, this (Chinese) document is important. “We’re studying it, and we have to do it from start to finish and then draw our conclusions,” Kuleba said. “We have to state this clearly: 141 countries voted on a resolution that defines the main principles and elements of how the war must end. Everything that is proposed outside this resolution must comply with the resolution itself,” stressed the head of diplomacy in Kiev.


Ukraine: The air alert has been sounded across the country

Anti-aircraft alert has been triggered throughout the territoryUkraineAccording to what was announced by the competent authorities in the country. The ultimatum is also currently in force in Kiev-controlled areas of the Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions.

Belarus, Lukashenko in Beijing starting Tuesday: Xi will meet

Belarusian President Alexander LukashenkoAccording to the press service of China, on a state visit to China from February 28 to March 2. This was reported by the Belta news agency, which reported that a meeting with its counterpart was scheduled Xi Jinping. “Lukashenko and Xi” reported that Minsk “will hold talks in narrow and extended formats. The focus will be on developing trade, economic, investment and humanitarian cooperation, implementing large-scale joint projects, interaction in the political sphere and responding to the most acute challenges of the current international situation.”


Biden, if China supplies weapons to Russia, the United States will respond

The United States will “retaliate” if China supplies deadly weapons to Russia in the war against Ukraine. This was said by Joe Biden in an interview with ABC News. “We haven’t seen that yet, but I don’t expect a big move from China to supply weapons to Russia,” he said. Then Biden referred to the sanctions other countries received after Moscow’s support. “We imposed severe penalties on everyone who did that,” he stressed.

Biden, Ukraine doesn’t need F16 right now

“Ukraine does not need F-16s at the moment.” This was said by Joe Biden in an exclusive interview with ABC news. Asked if this meant “never,” the US president replied that “it is not possible to say what Ukraine will need to defend itself in the future.” “But at the moment, according to our military’s assessment, there is no reason to send F16s.”

Biden warned Xi of the dangers of helping Russia

Joe Biden has warned Chinese President Xi Jinping of the dangers that China may be exposed to if it decides to help Russia in its war against Ukraine. “I had a long conversation with him on the subject this summer,” the US president told reporters accompanying the White House.
“I told him it was not a threat but a simple fact: 600 foreign companies left Russia after they saw what happened,” Biden said, stressing that he had warned Xi to “be careful if this is true.” China’s future depends on Western investment. “.

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