Ukraine and the United States are preparing for world war. What do we do?

Ukraine and the United States are preparing for world war.  What do we do?

a Element Posted by Austrian journalist Caitlin Johnston Analyzed in a compelling, if frustrating way, there is a broad intellectual current that maintains perspective World War IIIactions conducted by the West against Russia and China is now inevitable, and it is necessary to prepare in a timely manner for this eventuality by increasing military spending and appropriately arranging everything necessary. military equipmentbut also by waging a sledgehammer campaign of Goebbels-style mass psychological conditioning to overcome the resistance opposed by public opinion.

Caitlin Johnston also points to a very recent article published by the flagship journal at International relations foreign affairs, purposefully namedCan America win a world war? What would it take to defeat both China and Russiawho vigorously defends a cause rearmament In view of the war against the two rivals. The Australian journalist then goes on to outline an impressive series of positions taken by scientists International relations Published in important media such as Washington PostAnd the Foreign Policy The The New Yorker And others who converge on the need for the United States to prepare for war against China, Russia and even Iran.

according to Alberto Bradaniniwho was the ambassador of Italy in Peking,” The mentioned popes constitute proof that the army of Big lie He seriously lost his mind. Her act obeys the narrative of vague strategists who assess the hypothesis of a global conflict that is not only possible, but natural, and which no one can avoid. Servants of power Western Europe is inhabited by some 60 million poor men and women, the vast majority of whom are determined to make ends meet and unaware of the disaster brewing on their skin.

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Quoting the historian Andrea GraziosiBradanini gives us a sadly true picture of Italy by writing that “Italian political culture is irrelevant, rustic and focused on the peripheral aspects, in an inverted logic compared to priority and in favor of the same interests as Italy, a marginalized and sovereign state enslaved to the interests of others”. It is the inedible minestrone that the dominant media (the so-called giornaloni, i.e. practically the aggregator of the Italian daily press, with the only relevant exception occurring every day) treat us daily, as Pradhanini continues, “The tyrannical states (the kingdom of evil) form one the threat For Western Democracies (The World of Goodness).” Anti-Nazi Coalition Who won World War II.

The monkey is even more absurd if one considers that the Soviet Union was part of this alliance and that the same Western countries today voted against a resolution condemning Nazi fascism throughout the world.United Nations General Assembly. However, a narrative which, perhaps precisely because of its primitive and bizarre form, undoubtedly had the advantage of curdling the so-called European and Italian ruling classes in particular. A task not too difficult given the very low cultural level of these ruling classes, consisting of Poorly crafted characters In the laboratory it has not witnessed any significant historical events during its absurd existence.

Bradanini’s own assertion, which states that “in the age of nuclear weapons should prevail instead The principle of utmost caution Intensifying efforts in favor of dialogue, compromise, de-escalation and détente.” But any of our crazy politicians will be able to understand today sense From this statement? Maybe only Sergio Mattarella, but of course every other day. The word and practice of war spread around the world, as evidenced by the Turkish attacks on West KurdistanIsraeli for Palestine, and Saudi Arabia To whomMoroccan of Western Sahara Let us confine ourselves to the best known cases. The first NATO (disclosed did I recreated the current conflict since at least 2014) and then Russia taught.

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So we are in bad shape. It’s time to raise your voice peaceful opposition To say enough of rearmament, escalation and war. This infection can spread to other European countries, the United States and countries directly involved in Ukrainian conflict Ukraine itself and Russia; But only these countries can bring about the change that is so indispensable and urgent today to save the world human civilization.

So let’s start working on it by declaring our network Separation from NATO And from the aggressive logic, starting with the women’s demonstration scheduled for next Saturday November 26th in Rome.

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