June 5, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Trump in handcuffs taken by the police: the photos went viral. But the (almost perfect) product of artificial intelligence – photos

Imagine you can. This is the philosophy behind AI snapshots Eliot HigginsSite founder Bellingcat, which commemorates the (alleged) arrest of Donald Trump. These days, in fact, on social networks it is almost spreading like a virus 50 photos escape photography Donald between the aisles of McDonald’s, or a game of basketball in between pole Some prisoners will also choose their (orange) uniform stay in prison. Spoiler: None of these photos are real. Instead, they are designed with an image builder Ai Midjourney. However, he didn’t take it well: the platform had, in fact, decided to ban it Higgins from your program with the word “stop”. The 44-year-old American told A Buzz feed He “played around with the various proposals to see how far AI could go”. Then he explained that he paid midday Let’s imagine what would happen if the police caught Trump on the streets of New York. “After filming him in detention, I decided,” Higgins explained, “to continue the story of Trump in prison and Make him run away». The escape of the former president, according to the words of its founder Bellingcat – “Included walking through the corridors of a McDonald’s before attempting to escape.” Although it is fake, it is said that the pictures are not in formatstay tuned – More or less realistic – than what might happen in the next few days: A grand jury in Manhattan is, in fact, investigating Donald Trump’s role in the illegal payment of a porn star Stormy Daniels to buy silence. Last Saturday, Trump announced that D-day would stop on Tuesday, calling on his supporters to protest and “take back the nation.” His hypothesis has not been realized (yet), but various media outlets confirm that Trump’s conviction is more than a plausible scenario.

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