From 60,000 seats to the confiscation node, here is the project. “Target 2026”

From 60,000 seats to the confiscation node, here is the project.  “Target 2026”

The first was collected by the municipality, right yes The Capitol Building in Rome Stadium to me petralataAt the Giallorossi’s house, we are considering the following steps: Submit the initial project by September. Yesterday morning, a joint note Campidoglio AS Roma: “After a series of joint meetings”, the municipality “positively acknowledges the readiness of the Giallorossi Club to present a feasibility study in Campidoglio in the coming weeks for the construction of a municipal stadium. The area in the Pietralata district. Preliminary urban planning examination carried out Its conduct in the area identified by AS Roma did not in fact highlight any obstacles to the presentation of the project which must be carefully evaluated by Roma Capitale in accordance with the administrative procedure governed by the so-called stadium law (Article 1, paragraph 304, L. 147/2013) “.

Stadio della Roma, first yes to Pietralata: the Giallorossi Club will present a “feasibility study”

Official yes, up in the air for two weeks already. But, in viale Tolstoj, he expects that by September the internal schedule will be finished with the drafting of the initial project to be delivered in Campidoglio: Rome has already been working on it for weeks, in fact since I understood from the talks that urban planning weighs. , mobility, the impact of acoustics and area ownership were problems considered more than solvable by municipal offices.

Giallorossi CEO, Pietro Berardi, said on the sidelines of the presentation of the Conference League Cup, “The possibility of establishing the stadium by 2026 is there, we will have to work a lot but so far everything has gone well.” In the Olympic Tour. “There are several administrative stages, and archaeological, environmental, acoustic and mobility surveys are needed,” Berardi added. It is still early for the final design of the stadium, it will be there in the coming weeks and months, but the new stadium will not have a capacity less than the Olympic ». The new plant – which is expected to have a capacity of between 55,000 and 60,000 seats, will be built above street level, with some shops around it – will rise behind Tiburtina station, thus connected to both high-speed and regional trains, including Trains to and from Fiumicino Airport.

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Quintiliani metro line B will stop 400 meters away and can be reached from Bologna, line B1 via a pedestrian bridge will cross the railway tracks at viale Lorenzo il Magnifico. Parking should be in the vicinity of the railways. Private access will be ensured by the eastern ring road, from via dei Monti Tiburtini and via di Pietralata, from Via Tiburtina (double) and from the urban penetration of the Rome-L’Aquila motorway. The construction of two pedestrian and cycle bridges, one at Lorenzo il Magnifico and the other on the Pietralata exit of the station, will be used to fix the connection to the green area in which the stadium will be built.

Therefore, from a mobility point of view, the only real problem to be solved at the planning stage would be to ensure a dedicated passage for ambulances to and from the nearby Sandro Bertini Hospital. which also must be well acoustically insulated. It is no coincidence that the transportation consultant, Eugenio Battani, has also explained in recent weeks: “It is clear that the location of Pietralata from a point of transport and traffic will have advantages over sites proposed in the past. Pietralata is well served by local public transport. It will be necessary to focus attention on via dei Monti Tiburtini in some way to protect the entrance to the Pertini Hospital.” Finally, there is the question of the legacy expropriations that took place in the last decades to create the SDO. However, both Rome and the Capitol believe the case is solvable: past years should protect the process from appeal risk.

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Petralata dreams of restarting with the Roma stadium. ‘It’s an opportunity for us’

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