To whom do you belong with a discount on the bill

To whom do you belong with a discount on the bill

Facades bonus expired on December 31, 2022 without extension, while Decree-Law No. n. 11 of 2023 prohibits bill debiting and credit transfers for construction bonuses, except for free construction work started before February 17, 2023.

the additional interfaces, It was initially introduced in 2020 90% tax deduction, which ceased to be effective on December 31, 2022, without being extended by the legislator. Then, it was also extended to 2021 expenses at the same percentage.

However, for 2022, the tax deduction has been extended but with a Percentage reduced to 60%. Also, it was possible to choose it invoice discount and the credit assignment. Unfortunately, Decree-Law n. 11 of 2023 ft New restrictions to build bonusesprohibiting bill debits and credit transfers, although some exceptions are expected.

Bonus end interface and no extension


The facade bonus, which allowed a tax deduction for the costs of renovating building facades, reached its limit Finalist on December 31, 2022. Despite requests for an extension, the legislator has not extended this benefit to cover expenses incurred as of January 1, 2023. This means that taxpayers can no longer take advantage of this exemption.

Restrictions on building bonuses

Decree-Law n. 11 of 2023 introduced significant restrictions on construction bonuses, including prohibiting the selection of debit on invoice and credit transfer. This action relates not only to the facade bonus, but also to other incentives in the construction sector. The aim is to limit any abuses and to ensure greater transparency in the use of these privileges.

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Despite the general prohibition on bill discounts and credit transfers, the Decree-Law provides for some exceptions. One of these concerns free construction work that began before February 17, 2023, for which no specific permits are required. In such cases, the taxpayer can still benefit from invoice discounting or credit allocation.

Bill discount and credit transfer

For business not started before February 17, 2023, it is still possible to take advantage of invoice discounting or credit waiver, provided a binding agreement between the business and the customer is concluded by February 16, 2023.

This agreement shall cover the supply of goods and services necessary for the business. In the absence of a formal agreement, it is possible to prove the initiation of the business through advances paid by bank transfer or through an acknowledgment declared by the client and the company.

Application on expenditures for interventions on the interface

The interventions on the façade are part of the free masonry work. Therefore, in the case of specific interface rewards, if advances were made before February 17, 2023 and if a binding purchase contract was stipulated before that date, taxpayers can still benefit from a discount on the invoice or a credit waiver, in accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law N. 11 of 2023.

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