TMW – League Two, there is no postponement for the December 26 and 29 matches. Proceed on a case by case basis


These are intense hours for Serie B. The postponement of the match between Benevento Monza and Lecce Vicenza due to the positivity towards Covid-19 within the clubs Brianza and Salento reopened the issue of the health emergency, to the point that it began circulating a rumor about the possibility of postponing the tournament days scheduled for 26 and 29 December.

calendar problem – According to what was compiled by the editorial board of Dr TuttoMercatoWeb.comHowever, this hypothesis is far from now. Indeed, Lega di B, along with the majority of his clubs, appears willing to assess the development of the problem on a case-by-case basis. A full two-day postponement would present a somewhat complicated hurdle to overcome given the busy schedule that also exists for the second series, which also includes the national teams windows in which many players are involved.

Eyes on Ferrara – Therefore, in the next few hours, the entire Second Division will monitor every situation that arises, with a particular focus on what is happening in Ferrara. In SPAL, there are so many infections within the squad, that we can talk about a real outbreak. A situation that puts the dispute over the Santo Stefano match against Benevento at risk.
For the Samnites, this will indeed be the second postponement in a row and the first problem, not a simple one, has to be faced and overcome in the entire league.

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