Crazy, Tesla crashed on the highway: It was on autopilot

Crazy, Tesla crashed on the highway: It was on autopilot

In Loano, near Savona, there was a terrible accident on the highway with a Tesla Model 3. Here are the amazing photos related to the car crash! Fortunately, there were no casualties!

This Tesla Crash Is Crazy, It Was Active On Autopilot –

A Tesla Model 3 with the man driving it and the woman and son on board collided with a truck on the highway It flipped over a traffic lane. The clash took place near Luano, in the province of Savona.

Autopilot mode was active in the car. however, The system did not allow the driver to avoid impacting the truck. The collision occurred at a speed of about 130 km / h. Those on board were taken to hospital. Only the son entered the red code. The hope is that everyone can be saved!

What is autopilot mode? As Tesla knows, autopilot mode allows the car to automatically brake, accelerate and steer into the lane. Despite this, the driver is obliged to always monitor the situation, since the autopilot mode does not represent the real self-driving of the car, but only a very practical help.

In fact, we read on the Tesla website: Autopilot is an advanced assistance system that improves safety and comfort behind the wheel. When used correctly, it eases the driver’s overall workload. The system is designed to be used by the attentive driver with their hands on the wheel, ready to intervene at any moment. Existing functions do not make the car autonomous.. But what happened in this case?

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Tesla car crash with autopilot mode on the highway: amazing visuals!

According to the driver’s reconstruction, it appears that all of the various emergency devices were not automatically triggered to avoid collision and notify the man. These are his words: “I was driving down the highway with the autopilot in my Tesla Model 3 equipped with cameras and radar. The system didn’t sense an obstruction in front of it and my car crashed into a tilting truck. Speed ​​was within limits..

Tesla accident
Tesla in autopilot mode collides with damaged car – Motori.News

The American auto company made it clear that it had nothing wrong with this accident. According to Tesla, in fact, the man was distracted. Autopilot mode forces anyone to keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times.

The driver replied, claiming that he had not received any warnings from the program. Also, according to his version, the braking system was not really effective. Finally, according to the driver Autopilot would not have noticed the wrecked car in the driveway.

The driver posted the video from the camera inside the car on YouTube. Here are the stunning photos of the Tesla Model 3 crash on the highway:

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