Thousands die from vaccines, really? | Verification complete | News | The sun

Thousands die from vaccines, really?  |  Verification complete |  News |  The sun


Questionable text a Website Recently published on the French media website Mediapart, It really is the work of Laurent Muchelli. She Page On his employer’s website, namely the Mediterranean Sociology Center, Political Science and History, as well as its Blog Posts As of 2021, his specialty has always been the sociology of crime and the history of the social sciences. It was only this year that he began to show interest in vaccination and epidemiology – in short, he is at a spectacular distance from his field of expertise.

It is not necessary to prove him wrong, but the thing to keep in mind is that Mr. Govt. Thousands of deaths in the West. Here are some of the key issues I identified:

– Caused reported deaths and fatalities. Throughout his text, Muchelli considers that vaccines cause all the deaths listed in the National Side Effect Monitoring System. However, that is not what this data means. These records are used to look for any health problems that may occur after the administration of the vaccine, without proof that the vaccine is the cause. The reason is very simple: we are trying to find the surplus of a specific health problem that has been vaccinated, and to do this, we need to look at what is happening. Contrary to what Mr. Muchelli says in his speech, the fact that some of these deaths have been reported by health workers rather than by patients or their families is not proof of cause – that is how we look at them. These are actually side effects Announced, No side effects Caused By vaccines.

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– Majority “? Mr. Musselli, at least in U.S. data, emphasizes that “most deaths occur within 48 hours.” [suivant la vaccination]”, Which” significantly strengthens “the idea of ​​reason for him. However, he cites an anonymous website in this regard,, Maintained by individuals who claim to have “vaccine injuries” – suggests a higher risk of vaccine resistance dependence. The site in question features U.S. public health (CDC) figures, and it shows one Graphical Shows the number of deaths as a result of several days of vaccination. Of the estimated 8,800 deaths, less than 3,500 (or 40%) occurred within 48 hours, which is quite different from the “majority” already spoken of by Mr. Muchelli.

But it is bad. In fact, when we return to the original source, the system Wonder to CDC, We feel that’s map is very incomplete. In fact, it only presents reported deaths within 28 days of vaccination, whereas US data goes into the category of “over 120 days”, even in a timely manner. In this comprehensive database, only 29% of deaths occurred within 48 hours.

– Time to pass. Nowhere in his post does Mr Muchelli take into account the fact that deaths always occur in a community. When we vaccinate millions of people and then take care of them, we will inevitably see deaths in the next few days and weeks – without any contact with the vaccine. Question: Is there more than normal in vaccination? And this is not as clear as Mr. Muchelli says.

I can’t see all the numbers here, so let’s stick with the US figures. The Annual mortality rate There are about 870 people per 100,000 population in the United States, but let’s take it for 48 hours, which is the post-vaccination period, where there are more deaths: in two days, it usually kills 4.75 people per 100,000 people. Gold Until July 23rd, 3502 deaths were reported to CDC within 48 hours of the Govt vaccination, for a total of 340 million doses (187.6 million people were vaccinated). It gives 1.03 or 1.87 deaths per 100,000, depending on whether you take the number of measurements or the number of vaccines, but in all cases it is significantly lower than normal.

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This does not mean that there are no deaths from vaccines. After all, we know that they can sometimes cause very serious allergic reactions. Furthermore these figures do not prove that there were no excessive deaths within 48 hours of vaccination. As Felix Camarant-Lemaire, a professor of biological statistics at the University of Sherbrook, pointed out to me, not all deaths within the 48-hour window were reported to the CDC: because no specific number was reported and the death was ruled unrelated to the vaccine. To completely eliminate the possibility of a massive overdose death (currently purely theoretical, even imaginary), it is necessary to conduct more in-depth analyzes with complete data on deaths, especially those under 48 years of age. Vaccine. I do not have.

But the figures presented here still make sense: there is nothing in Mr Muchelli’s speech that makes it reasonable to believe that vaccines have caused thousands of deaths.


Not at all to prove. Muselli assumes that all deaths reported after a vaccine are caused by the vaccine, which is not the way to understand pharmacological tracking data. It does not provide any data to support the idea of ​​mass mortality responsible for anti-Govt vaccines.


Any information to check?

Do you find a minister’s statement suspicious? Does the information that is being circulated appear to be exaggerated and unsubstantiated? Write to our journalist ([email protected]). The “Verification Done” section will give you a realistic picture to see the truth deeper and deeper. Because we do not like fake news either.

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