Mandatory vaccination: “Like a field of thorn-filled roses,” says one lawyer

Mandatory vaccination: “Like a field of thorn-filled roses,” says one lawyer

According to Lawyer Claude Crowell, who specializes in labor law for TVA Novelles, the line between the inequality of compulsory vaccination for all and the legal line is thin.

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“It’s like a balance between the pros and cons of compulsory vaccination obligations; we’re talking about collective law against individual law,” said Claude Gravel.

So governments should read the file very carefully, as many traps are falling on the horizon, the lawyer said.

“It looks like a field of roses, there are a lot of thorns,” Mr Crawl said.

According to him, it may be more reasonable for those who are a part of the community or in a particular job because it would be easier to prove that it is necessary to ensure the safety of the person.

In the private sector, the employer should be responsible for maintaining a safe work environment for everyone, but in an epidemic, the task is very difficult.

“Employers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees, so how can they handle employees who adhere to the vaccine, against those who do not go with the flow,” Crawl said.

Challenges in court

In the United States, many large companies have begun to ask their employees for vaccines. CNN Network fired three people for refusing to take the dose.

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According to the attorney, employers may be tempted to ask for vaccination certification as a condition for maintaining a job. However, it is an action that is considered to be an indirect way of asking its employees to be vaccinated.

“The choice to be vaccinated is a free and voluntary choice, and it should be.

All citizens have the right to refuse vaccination for personal, medical or religious reasons.

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