This model is worth a fortune, you probably have at home

This model is worth a fortune, you probably have at home

There are some older phone models that, due to the explosion of assembly, are worth disproportionate numbers. Today we are going to tell you about Nokia you probably have at home and it is a little treasure

Recently, there is a phenomenon that gives rise to a lot of discussion: plural. Also thanks to the Internet, more and more enthusiasts are able to improve their searches, having at their disposal a practically endless catalog from which to draw. between ebay, facebook And other dedicated galleries, even the rarest pieces are not hard to find.

There are some old phone models that are worth a fortune today, and you might as well have them at home (Adobe Stock)

Classical stamps and rare coins are the most common, not excluding records, vinyl, clothes, things and much more. There is, too telephony It’s been a hit lately, with increasingly significant numbers. There are some models that you might have around the house and that They deserve crazy characters.

Nokia 631oi A phone worth a fortune

Nokia 6310i 20221016
The price of the Nokia 6310i can reach 999 euros, but only if it is in perfect condition (Adobe Stock)

We’re talking about one of the most iconic models of all time. A real treasure for those who still have one at home. Immediately go flick the old box or the shelves in the basement, because you may have fortune on your hands (and you don’t even know it). Choose the world of collection Nokia 6310i, One of the most popular phone models of the past years. You can find many of them on the net at very high prices. A user listed one on eBay for 999 euros.

As you can read in the description, this is a new product and has not been refurbished or repaired: it is as good as new! Submit the latest version of V.7.00 . softwareThey will own for free. But the real gem is that it is compatible with many car combinations. among these Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Opel, Also via bluetooth.

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In addition to the original and new mobile phone, the package also contains a battery, a CD, a user manual and a travel charger. If you also have one at home, it would obviously be better if you also have packaging and whatever is left on your hands. So you can put it up for sale to higher numbers. Any sign of wear could lead to a drop in the rating.

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