This is the official letter from Ukraine to Sony, Microsoft and Valve to ban the game –

This is the official letter from Ukraine to Sony, Microsoft and Valve to ban the game –

A few weeks ago, we told you about the controversial statements of the Ukrainian Minister Aleksandr Bornyuk who asked Sony, Microsoft and Valve to ban Atomic Heart, a game developed by the Russian studio Mundfish, from their stores, in his opinion. Guilty of supporting the invasion of Ukraine. Such statements have now become one Concrete and formal requestas it seems from letter Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov shared it on Twitter and sent it to Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony, Brad Smith, head of Microsoft, and Gabe Newell of Valve.

The letter, an excerpt of which you can read below, indicates that Atomic Heart’s proceeds could do just that Funding Russia and thus the invasion of Ukraine. Fedorov also claims that the game contains Soviet symbols and promotes the communist regime. It is also noted that the studio’s developers have never stood against Putin’s regime and the war in Ukraine, and have urged Sony, Microsoft and Valve to protest this war by banning Atomic Heart from their stores.

“We have serious concerns about the game ‘Atomic Heart’ which launched across Sony PlayStation/Microsoft Xbox/Steam platforms on February 21, 2023.”

“According to the information we have, the aforementioned game is developed by the Russian Mundfish studio. Since Mundifish is managed and has offices in Russia, there is a potential risk that the money collected from sales will be diverted into budget and so Russia will be used to finance the war in Ukraine. And there is a point Another thing that I must highlight is that working with Russian entities is not in line with the policy of sanctions within free democratic countries. Another problem with the game “Atomic Heart” is an objective one. The government of Ukraine has serious concerns because it completely violates Ukrainian legislation. The game itself Promotes the communist system and Soviet symbols. “

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“I think Sony/Microsoft/Valve don’t want to be seen as a platform supporting communism, even in such a futuristic form. The history of Soviet Russia and its imperialist encroachments on other independent countries have killed hundreds of thousands of civilians. Not only now in Ukraine, But also in Moldova and Georgia. It is a rhetorical question whether it is worth promoting symbols covered in blood.

With the above in mind, we urge Sony/Microsoft/Valve to do so Prohibition of the sale of digital versions This game via Sony PlayStation / Microsoft Xbox / Steam. “I would also like to note that the developers have not publicly expressed their attitude to the Putin regime and the bloody war that Russia is waging against Ukraine. Now more than ever, leaders and businesses around the world must unite to protest the Russian invasion and stop financing the war in any way they can. Also useful.”

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