This is the best “Plan B” of the Toyota C-HR, and it has caused quite a stir in Spain

This is the best “Plan B” of the Toyota C-HR, and it has caused quite a stir in Spain

he Toyota C-HR In recent years it has become one of the best-selling models of the Japanese brand in our country and one of the main reasons why the Japanese manufacturer is the best-selling brand.

A model that has just launched its second generation, a new generation in which the brand has taken an important step in terms of design, while maintaining the spirit of this truly pioneering model in relation to the rest, with a sporty and aggressive touch far removed from other, more neutral options.

It is clear that he also continues to bet on self-charging hybrid engines, which in his case is a first 140 hp mechanical Which allows it to have a very low consumption and at the same time more than enough power for any type of situation. The problem in your case is that this new generation has a starting price in its simplest version exceeding 31,000 euros, and this makes many look for an interesting alternative.

Toyota Yaris Cross, the replacement for the C-HR

Within the catalog of the Japanese brand in particular we can find the best alternative to this model for sure. He is no one else Yaris passa model that is also part of the urban SUV segment which, although it is true, is a small step below in terms of size compared to the success C-HR, It is a really interesting option for those who do not need a large living space or a large loading capacity.

The positive part in this case is that the access version of this model has a lower price than 26.000 euros, This means that they are about 5,000 euros cheaper than those on the market C-HR. Although it is true that its power in this case is 116 hp, It is a model designed to move almost exclusively in urban, intercity environments, where this type of drive, e.g 140 hp eIn case C-HRultimately presenting their best offers.

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In addition, there are quite a few who point out that at the design level, Yaris Cross It is positioned as a more neutral option and not as aggressive and radical as its brother in its class, which is why, as evidenced by the sales figures of the Yaris Cross, it has also become one of the most popular models sold from the Japanese brand.

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