This is a heart-healthy breakfast: Many think otherwise

This is a heart-healthy breakfast: Many think otherwise

specific consumption foodIt has been commonly linked to an increased risk of infection Diseases heart and blood vessels. Either by increase Cholesterol That impede blood flow or for other reasons, there are a number of products that are not recommended Consume Arbitrary.

Within this category there are OsIt is a food in addition to its use in many… Recipes It can be part of one of the main intakes of the day: the breakfast. He wanted to study Sure s Denies The relationship between people who eat Os Every day and those they have problems in it Circulatory system.


With the aim of “exploring Association between consumption from U.S and disease events heart and blood vessels In general, it was carried out by a group of researchers Systematic research via independent for several Database To find observational studies that have reported on relationship Between this food and the supposed consequences of consuming it every day.

After a total recovery 23 studies listed between 1966 I 2020which gave an average of 12.28 years Monitor and 1,415,839 individualsexperts were able to extract all consensus Series of Conclusions Clarifications on this topic controversial.

More than one a day

In terms of the report published in July 2020 a American Journal of Medicine exclude The relationship between eating more eggs (More than one a day) and the risk of contracting the disease is more pronounced heart and blood vessels.

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Besides, he’s gone Sure This daily intake led to “discount High risk of disease Coronary artery».

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