They compensate a man suffering from urinary incontinence €230,000 for a herniated disc operation

The insurance company of the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS) compensated a 46-year-old patient with €230,000 for the consequences he suffered after his injury. Surgery for herniated disc2014.

During the operation performed in one Tarsem Hospital BarcelonaHe injured the nerve root, affecting his sphincter control and causing urinary incontinence. The patient had to undergo rehabilitation medical treatment and psychological monitoring. After filing the lawsuit against the insurance company, the two parties reached an agreement regarding patient compensation.

According to the Patient Advocates Association, the man was suffering from lumbar pain due to a herniated disc, so he decided to undergo surgery, after exhausting other treatments. In the postoperative period, The patient reported loss of sphincter sensitivity Rehabilitation treatment began with psychological follow-up.

The Center acknowledges the damage caused

The suit alleges there was a “lack of experience” on the part of the doctors. During surgery they injured the nerve root Due to “excessive traction on the dural sac”. They also point out that they did not recognize or treat the injury during the intervention, which… This ended up making the matter irreversible.

After filing a lawsuit against the hospital's insurance company, the two parties reached a settlement Agreement to compensate the patient, Chief Patient Advocate, Carmen Flores, expressed her appreciation for this agreement, because The Center acknowledges the damage causedHe stressed the need for those affected to “condemn any action that contradicts the 'lex artis' (the required quality levels of professional services) that patients experience” because “it is the only way things will change.”

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